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Press release from DSM Avocats à la Cour | Luxembourg

Press Release – First edition of the 2023 Luxembourg oval wheels (Les Roues Ovales Luxembourgeoises) – Intercompany 7-wheelchair rugby tournament

DSM Avocats à la Cour, in collaboration with ROTOMADE, Degré110 and Backtosport, organised a successful 7-wheelchair rugby tournament in Luxembourg, Luxembourg oval wheels (Les Roues Ovales Luxembourgeoises), Friday 27 January 2023, at the Rehazenter.

The event, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Sodexo Luxembourg, aimed at promoting inclusion through sports and brough together important Luxembourg sporting representatives such as the Luxembourg Rugby Federation, Luxembourg Paralympic Committee as well as W7 Luxembourg, the official Grand Duchy “Wallaby” wheelchair distributor.

The event also spotlighted the exceptional work of the Backtosport non-profit, which brings together persons living with physical disabilities who go beyond their limits during sporting events to obtain their goals. Ten members of this non-profit were invited to participate in the tournament.

The organisers are pleased to see Luxembourg company and institutions’ interest in this initiative. They are enthusiastic about the idea of holding the event again, thus a second annual tournament will follow in 2024.

• DSM Avocats à la Cour
Maxime CUCHE, Marketing Officer

    Manon GRILL
  • Degré110/W7 Luxembourg
    Arnaud LEPOIVRE
  • Back To Sport
    Xavier MASSON


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