AMCHAM was founded under the patronage of Clay Constantinou, the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1996, with the goal of promoting business and professional ties between the Luxembourg and American business communities.

Since then, AMCHAM has grown to well over 350 member companies and organizations. More importantly, the AMCHAM member list represents a “who’s who” of the international and expatriate communities of Luxembourg and a level of influence and access not readily apparent by the number of members alone. That said, the Chamber has evolved into a strong voice speaking for both the international business community in Luxembourg and for the individual English-speaking expats themselves. We are an excellent networking organization, a great information resource and very active lobbying organization.

This AMCHAM Web site is designed to keep you abreast of our activities and offer you topical and timely information on the U.S. and Luxembourg.

We invite you to get to know us better and join us to make Luxembourg an even better and more successful place to work and live!