Who we are and what we do

AMCHAM Luxembourg is the largest and most active private Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg. Affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC and the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Europe, AMCHAM Luxembourg is the de-facto International English speaking Chamber of Commerce, representing over 450 English speaking internationally focused companies (30% US, 20% Luxembourg and 50% from other counties of origin). Our members are the leaders in their individual sectors of Luxembourg business activity. Collectively we are a welcoming, enthusiastic, high energy English speaking international melting pot where all are treated equally and well.

Celebrating 23 year of activities in Luxembourg during 2018, we deliver on the things that international people and companies in Luxembourg want:

  • Networking
  • Information on how things work
  • Problem solving (when we want to change how things work)
  • and lobbying with the government

AMCHAM has 19 standing committees: Chairman/ CEO Advisory Board, Risk/Audit/Compliance, Corporate Services, Seniors, Insurance, HR, Communications/IT, Financial Sector, Tax, Entrepreneur and new Business activities, Marketing, Diversity, English language education, Legal, Newcomers to Luxembourg, Real Estate, Space Activities, and our monthly business lunch ABAL, the American Business Association Luxembourg, which was founded at the end of World War II. In addition to business related activities, the AMCHAM committee activities also cover the full scope of expatriate issues.

These committees organize lobbying White Papers, information articles and organize seminars and after-hour networking events with international speakers in order to address issues relevant to our members.

Activities and Project

We provide: world class information resources via our Doing Business in Luxembourg books (published once every five years and now in our 4th edition); 40 plus events per year; our quarterly world class news magazine, Connexion; our comprehensive English language information and networking events opportunities; and our advocacy/ lobbying with the Luxembourg and US governments on behalf of expats and expat companies located in Luxembourg.


Our  Doing Business in Luxembourg 4th edition has just been translated into Arabic and Farsi in February 2018 and will be launched in Chinese and Russian language versions during 2019 . Our simultaneous language learning system, Languages of Luxembourg, is available for the five languages of Luxembourg (English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese) and seven language versions which additionally include Arabic and Farsi. These courses are offered by us at no cost on this website in the Language Learning section and can be downloaded (for free!) to your smartphone/tablet from the App Store or Google Play Store.

To help foreigners integrate into Luxembourg AMCHAM (with Luxembourg government and EU sponsor support via the AMIF fund) has developed and teaches a free of charge 6 hour Newcomers Orientation Course in English, Portuguese and soon Russian. AMCHAM partners with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the International Communities of Luxembourg asbl to present these courses to third country nationals (non EU citizens).

Any and all Internationally focused companies and individuals located in Luxembourg, regardless of nation of origin, are most welcome to join AMCHAM as members and participate in the full range of our activities. AMCHAM has six categories of membership: Chartered, Corporate, Small business, Entrepreneurial/Micro companies, Academics/Government/EU/Seniors. Join us!