What is AMCHAM?

AMCHAM is an independent and self-funded English-speaking business and expat focused ASBL, the largest private Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.


We provide four services to our 350 member companies:

  1. Networking in English. We connect the right people to the right people
  2. Information about how Luxembourg works, who to see and how to get things done
  3. Problem-solving to find better solutions when our members don’t like current policies and practices and seek better solutions
  4. Lobbying with the government to ensure Luxembourg remains optimally business friendly, attractive and profitable for international companies and international employees


Tell me more:

  1. 19 committees to make sure every business field of activity has a group of dedicated experts keeping an eye on the sector activities they represent and promoting global best practices for their sectors.
  2. 30 events a year (a mix of business information and fun/social events).
  3. A weekly digital Newsletter, distributed to 10,000 persons per week (6,000 directly with another 4,000, or more, further distributed within AMCHAM affiliated companies as well).
  4. A DOING BUSINESS IN LUXEMBOURG book every five years (which is an encyclopedic bible of information on how to run a business in Luxembourg).
  5. Affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of American Chambers of Commerce in Europe, AMCHAM.LU has a global network and fights every day to protect and promote the interests of business and international people in Luxembourg.
  6. The only private business organization in Luxembourg which focuses on the entire Luxembourg economy, rather than just one sector.
  7. Member Benefits Club (MBC): Every category of AMCHAM member gets a certain number of free MBC cards, entitling the designated person to discounts at our quality Luxembourg and grand region partners. Additional cards can be purchased at very low cost. MBC cards will (in the near future) also entitle cardholders access to a digital library filled with business and professional information and advice.

We are completely Luxembourg focused and dedicated to ensure Luxembourg is and remains the best place in Europe for international companies, and their employees, to be located and thrive.


Who are the AMCHAM members and how can I join:

1. We are a great demographic of the best companies in Luxembourg: 30% companies of US origin; 20% purely Luxembourgish companies and 50% companies from all around the world…all nationalities are welcome, and all members are treated equally and with appreciation.

2. You can download and submit an application from our www.amcham.lu website, or by:

Calling us at: (352) 431756.

Emailing us at: info@amcham.lu

Visiting our website: www.amcham.lu


We are affordable, hard-working and welcome the opportunity to serve you, your company, your employees, the entire business community…and the country of Luxembourg!

We have four membership categories for every type of potential members:

  1. Charter members
  2. Corporate members
  3. Small companies
  4. Micro enterprises: Entrepreneur/ Small startups, Academics (teachers and students), Seniors and independents


Join us… you will be glad you did!