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The American Business Association of Luxembourg (ABAL) was established in the early 1960s as a forum for the American business community and has ever since organized luncheons on the first Monday of each month to allow attendees to network and hear a speaker of interest.

ABAL is a committee of AMCHAM, its members reflecting the international character of Luxembourg’s business community. It includes AMCHAM members as well as individual corporate executives, financial services professionals, legal practitioners, diplomats, entrepreneurs and retirees. Individual membership is free and can be made on application to the AMCHAM office.

The AMCHAM Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee (RACC) is the composition of professionals who are specialized in Control Functions (2nd and 3rd lines of Defences)

RACC vision is mainly keeping, but not limited to, regulated sectors professionals up-to-date about the impacts of the changes in their professional duties, by bringing the industry experts together.

Mission statement:

To assess the impact of new laws, regulations and directives.
To produce timely information about regulatory developments for the market and our members.
To discuss proactively with regulator about the upcoming changes & new circulars, where appropriate.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Ted Anderson, Ernst & Young

Committee Members:
Irina Ferreira, Totalserve Management
Mehtap Numanoglu Tasiopoulos, BBH
Sarah Larijani, EIB
Anne-Sophie Minaldo, KPMG
Manfred Zisselsberger, Consultant
Sebastien Leleu, KPMG

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:
Karine Reuter, Etude Notaire Karine Reuter

Committee Vice Chairs:
Keimpe Reitsma, Totalserve Management
Gareth Reynolds – Kinetic

Committee Members:
Anne Chavee, ING
Fabien Debroise, Ogier
Christophe Gammal, Halsey Group
Sandra Legrand, Alter Domus
Bakhtiyar Mammadov, Industrial Technical Solutions
Karl Pardaens, Elvinger Hoss Prussen
Albert Pennacchio, BIL

The AMCHAM Diversity Committee exists as a vehicle for discussing and promoting diversity-related best practices in companies in Luxembourg. The committee will inform about topics related to gender; generational issues impacing young, mid-career and older employees; multiculturalism and multilingualism.

Diversity management is not easy, but the proven benefits in terms of employee satisfaction and bottom line profits make the efforts worthwhile.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Vinciane Istace, PwC Luxembourg

Committee Members:
Laure Amoyel, OLAI
Rita Knott, Maison du Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting
Charles Max, University of Luxembourg
Margot Parra, ISL
Artur Sosna, House of Training
Luiza Sosna, Commune de Strassen

AMCHAM’s Education Committee is comprised of representatives of a number of public and private schools in Luxembourg who offer instruction and a curriculum in English, either exclusively or in a specific section. The committee also has a representative of the Ministry of Education. The aim of the Committee is to share information between schools and the Ministry on the current situation of education in English in Luxembourg as well as to look at the future trends and developments of such education in the Grand Duchy. It is currently co-chaired by the Director of the International School of Luxembourg and the Principal of St George’s International School.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:
Nicki Crush, International School of Luxembourg
Christian Barkei, St. George’s International School

Committee Members:
Christopher Chapman, Lycée Michel Lucius
Pascal Petry, Lycée Michel Lucius
Louise Crosby, Ministry of Education
Daniel Redinger, Lycée Michel Lucius
Carlo Klein, Athénée de Luxembourg
Thierry Leterre, Miami University in Luxembourg
Antoine Rech, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
Paul Schonenberg, AMCHAM Luxembourg
Christophe Buffin, United Business Institutes (UBI-Luxembourg)
Martin Wedel, European School Lux I (Kirchberg)
Per Frithiofson, European School Lux II (Mamer)
Gerard Zens, EIDE
Elisabeth daSilva, EIDE
Veronica Afonso, EIDE
Tom Nober, Lenster Lycée – Junglinster
Christine Laroche, Lenster Lycée – Junglinster
Simone Muller, Athenée de Luxembourg
Joanne Goebbels, Athenée de Luxembourg
Theo Thill, Lycée Privé Emile Metz

The purpose and goals of the Financial Services Committee are to promote Luxembourg/American financial services business opportunities through information exchange and regulatory lobbying activities in the interests of AMCHAM members working in the Luxembourg Financial Services Sector and doing business either in Luxembourg and/or in the U.S.

The Committee will work on topical issues which are relevant and significant to businesses. By raising awareness, stimulating debate and lobbying for change, it hopes to further strengthen the Luxembourg financial market and make the Luxembourg economy more competitive.

For the latest Top 10 legal issues, please click here.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Francis Kass, Arendt & Medernach

Committee Members:
Jonas Bossau, Citibank
Nils Cullen, Brown Brothers Harriman
Michael Delano, PwC Luxembourg
Didier Delvaux, State Street Bank (Luxembourg)
Michael Eichmueller de Souza, KPMG
Brice Hellinckx, Brucher Law
Bernard Lhoest, Ernst & Young Investments
Emmanuelle Miette, Deloitte
Mario Pirola, Pictet
Gregory Robinson-Kok, Fundrock
Michael Schweiger, Loyens and Loeff
Camille Thommes, ALFI
Xiaolu Zhang, Bank of China

The Human Resources (HR) Committee of AMCHAM Luxembourg is a forum of experienced business professionals and HR practitioners who offer guidance and thought leadership in all matters related to HR management. It provides AMCHAM members as well as other actors in the business community with a platform to discuss and facilitate solutions for issues faced within the HR environment in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It is also committed to enhance cooperation within the European AMCHAM network.

The Committee’s activities are built around six objectives:

  • Raising of professional standards within the English-speaking HR community and the promotion of an active   HR management
  • Elevation of the HR management function within companies and in the business community
  • Development of closer ties of co-operation between HR experts in the business sectors and their counterparts in government
  • Research and development of HR best practices and lobbying for their adoption
  • Advocacy on behalf of quality of life issues impacting the international working community
  • Networking within the HR community in order to enhance and facilitate understanding and cooperation.

It is essential to always keep abreast with newest developments and innovative HR management approaches, often based on successful implementation in the international market outside Luxembourg, specifically in the United States. Thus, the HR Committee is dedicating a great effort to keep the community informed about cutting edge in the field.

Committee Members

Committee Co-chairs:  
Gilles Dall’Agnol, Allen & Overy
Petra Silber – Leroux, Lombard International

Committee Members:
Wim Cocquyt, FRAGOMEN
Andre Marc, Allen & Overy
Anthony Mellinger, J.P. Morgan
Andrew Notter, Anderson Wise
Carole Prigent, AXA Luxembourg
Rita Racz, Docler Holding
Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, EIB
Sylvie Schmit-Verbrugghen, European Relocation Services
Philippe Schmit, Arendt & Medernach
Michael Schmirler, ClearStream
Sandra Sidon, Ministère-Direction de la Santé
Marielle Stevenot, PwCLegal

ComIT’s mission is to foster the development of Luxembourg as a competence center for IT and Telecom in the Greater Region and provide an international networking platform to IT & Telecom professionals in Luxembourg.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Committee Vice-Chair:


Noah Gomez, Docler Holding

Committee Members:
Tun van Rijswijck, BCE
Gary Cywie, Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen

Phil Frimpong, J.P. Morgan
Serge Hanssens, PwC Luxembourg
Marco Houwen, HighCapital
Patrick Laurent, Deloitte
Tom Kettels, LuxConnect
Lorenz Meis, Telindus
Frank Mathieu, POST
Gilles Vanderweyen, PwC Luxembourg
Pascal Steichen,
Peter Sodermans, Digital Lëtzebuerg
Jean Francois Terminaux, Unify

Jean-Paul Hengen, Luxinnovation

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Marjorie Allo, Maples

Committee Members:
Matthieu Taillandier, Arendt & Medernach
Lauren Harris, Clifford Chance
Mathilde Lattard, Loyens & Loeff L
Elisabeth Adam, Elvinger Hoss Prussen
Gabriel Bleser, Etude Moyse Bleser
Philipp Mössner, GSK Luxembourg

The Marketing Committee was launched in 2012 because we think there is an opportunity to share marketing best practices and new marketing trends. The goal of the Marketing Committee is to help Luxembourg-based enterprises expand their horizons and position themselves in order to make more profit and achieve greater success. We are convinced this is achievable by getting their marketing right, both here in Luxembourg and globally.

We will try through the Marketing Committee to help our members and friends get a better understanding about social media, mobile platforms, generation Y and other marketing trends. The Marketing Committee sorts this all for you by organizing useful seminars about trending topics in Marketing in order to collectively further our expertise in the full range of cost-effective current and future cutting-edge marketing strategies and tactics.

We will do our very best to help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Melanie Delannoy, GOVSAT S.A.

Committee Members:
Troy Bankhead, Techcyte
Christian Carbonne, ACL
Cédric Delahaye, Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen
Holly Whatling, Intertrust Group
Monika Lebkowska, SES Networks

Paul-Michael Schonenberg, AMCHAM

Geoff Thompson,
Hélène Thouvenin, PwC Luxembourg
Marie-Hélène Trouillez, Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Gregory Tugendhat, Regiotels

Natalia Durus, AMCHAM

The mission of the Entrepreneur Committee is to facilitate, encourage and promote entrepreneurial, activity and success in Luxembourg and beyond, especially for English-speaking entrepreneurs in Luxembourg.

Its objectives are as follows:
-To be a resource for educating and assisting all entrepreneurs
-To help change mind-sets and foster the entrepreneurship spirit

– To host events and publish articles focusing on issues impacting the entrepreneur community
-To be a reference for businesses to source service providers
-To lobby with the government on issues related to entrepreneurs
-To interface and collaborate with Luxembourg agencies and organizations supporting entrepreneurs

Committee Members

Co-Committee Chairs:

Keith Hopper, Edenholm Hopper Services
Lisa Jennings, StratAffect

Committee Members:

Virginia Anderson – Matrix

Agnieszka Zajac – Odgers-Berndtson

Anthony Cannella – E&Y

Aditya Ranjan – Julius Bar

Nicolas Schoukens – Deloitte

Karen van Hout – OF WOOD

Steve Idrissou -Atoz

The real estate market in Luxembourg is very dynamic, changing very fast and becoming very attractive.

It is challenging for international companies wishing to settle in Luxembourg to find suitable, affordable temporary and long term facilities and support. Likewise, for international employees locating here, suitable living accommodations for both single persons and families can be expensive and in short supply.

The role of the AMCHAM Real Estate Committee is to help companies and their employees find solutions to these problems. We also support additional inward investment into Luxembourg and believe the critical issues associated with accommodations warrant such a committee of respected experts who have the full range of different competency fields related to real estate business.

As real estate fund investment managers, lawyers, notaries, architects, brokers and bankers, our committee members will organise their activities to include all of the issues related to the difficulties of the real estate market and environment in Luxembourg.

Our purpose is to simplify the implementation of new arrivals and investors, connect them with the right platforms, partners and focus to make their business, professional and private lives easier in Luxembourg.

Our committee group, experts on this sector of activities, can be relied on to research and inform our members and new joiners on issues and needed solutions through articles in our magazine, through several AMCHAM events per year on all the real estate related issues, prepare white papers with suggested improvements and changes to government practices and policies, and assist the AMCHAM EXCO to lobby with the government.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Mario Di Stefano, DSM Avocats a la cour

Committee Members:

Joëlle Choucroun, Etude KARP & CHOUCROUN
Brigitte Brouwers, CLK
Stephane Di Carlo, EGB Hornung & Associés
Julien Pillot, INOWAI
Michael Chidiac, RealCorp Luxembourg S.A.
Marc Berna, Arendt & Medernach S.A.
Amélie Julian, PwC

Pierre Wauthier, Arendt & Medernach

The objectives and goals of the Tax Committee are to provide members with updated and relevant information regarding legal and tax issues impacting foreign investors in Luxembourg.

The Committee organizes seminars to promote understanding of these issues, provides information on investment opportunities in Luxembourg and encourages continued investment and cooperation between American and Luxembourgish companies.

The Committee also seeks to work actively with government officials to improve the tax and legal climate for foreign investors and promote further cooperation between the United States and Luxembourg.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Bernard David, Deloitte

Committee Vice-Chair:
Fabien Hautier, PwC Luxembourg

Pieter Stalman, Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg

Committee Members:
Jamal Afakir, ATOZ
Antoine Berckmans, Wal-Mart
Valery Civilio, PwC Luxembourg
Steve Dishmans, AMAZON
Diogo Duarte de Oliveira, Baker & McKenzie
David Eisele, Arcelor Mittal
Ayzo van Eysinga, AKD
Frederic Feyten, Dentons Luxembourg
Karl Horsburgh, BUROS
Jan Neugebauer, Arendt & Medernach
Christine Ntumba, Dentons Luxembourg
James O’Neal, Maples
Tim Peeters, SES
Dimitri Storme, Guardian
Louis Thomas, KPMG
Florent Trouiller, Dechert

Edouard Authamayou, Deloitte

Anja Taferner, EY

Christine Casanova Decorse, PWC

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Simône van Schouwenburg, BCEE

Committee Co-Chair:
Stephane Compain, Luxrelo

Committee Members:
Beverley Atkinson, Relocation expert
Severine Moca, PwC
Benedicte Souy, Moving people 2 Luxembourg
Jerome Wiwinius, Lalux
Philippe Salomon, Berlitz

Thierry Flamand, Deloitte

Paul Upchurch, Lombard international

Michael Schweiger, Loyens & Loeff