Friendly Quotes from some of our satisfied members and partners

„As ACL, we’ve found great value in joining the AmCham Benefits Club, providing our team with access to a suite of exclusive advantages year-round. It looked like a great program for our employees while supporting the local business.”

“Byborg Enterprises is excited to join AMCHAM’s Member Benefits Club. We are always eager to support initiatives that support local businesses, and the added perk of discounts makes this opportunity even more appealing.”

“We from Happy Snacks, want to thank AmCham for the events and the membership benefits everyone has access to. It is providing a great opportunities for smaller and larger companies alike.”


Alexandre Scholer
Happy Snacks S.A.

“We warmly thanks AMCHAM for its “AMCHAM Member Benefit Club” initiative to support and promote the local business after going through tough times and providing benefits to his large network of partners/members.”

Carl Christiaens
General Manager

“Linklaters LLP Luxembourg is delighted to have joined the Amcham Benefits Club and be part of an engaged network that promotes local businesses.”. 

“Spark Immo & Relocation, would like to thank AMCHAM Luxembourg.

We are delighted to be part of the Member Benefits Club and look forward to this collaboration.

As a relocation company we greatly appreciate the opportunities and benefits that come with being a part of this international community.

We look forward to participating in the great events and committees which are organised to extend our network and continue offering exclusive and tailor-made relocation services.”

Nacera Mekharbeche

General Manager – Relocation Services


“We are thrilled to have joined AmCham and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of its Benefits Club. Thank you for expanding our network, enriching our lives, and providing us with valuable resources that support local businesses and improve our well-being.”


“I am proud and happy to be part of the AMCHAM benefits club because unity is strength.
The important thing is the pooling of trade players to promote exchanges.”

Christophe REFFAY / RCI – REFFAY Christophe Immobilien

“At Le Royal Hotel Luxembourg we sincerely appreciate the efforts that AMCHAM is making to actively promote local business and organize the most wonderful networking events for its members.

For our hotel, the past Covid years have not been easy, nevertheless, thanks to our staff’s 5-stars know-how and to our loyal guests, we were able to successfully continue our activity.

Becoming part of the MBC Program brings us great joy and we can not wait to welcome you all at Le Royal Hotel Luxembourg for an unforgettable experience.”  — Iuliana Gana, Senior Sales Executive, Le Royal Hotels & Resorts

We are pleased to join the AMCHAM Member Benefits Club (AMBC), a bespoke initiative to support local businesses by creating a loyalty scheme with great benefits in numerous shops and service sectors. The discount program creates win-win deals for AMCHAM members and the partners of the AMCHAM Member Benefits Club.

Being a part of Luxembourg’s business landscape, we recognise the importance of supporting local businesses. We are pleased with the opportunity to be a part of AMCHAM’s initiative. We received the cards for our lawyers and our staff on 4 August 2021.


“We are delighted to be part of the AMCHAM Member Benefits Club and look forward to this collaboration. Together we can make a difference in supporting local businesses, all while giving our people the opportunity to make good deals! Thank you, AMCHAM.” Mario DI STEFANO, Managing Partner.

logo akd

We are delighted to have renewed our membership with AmCham. We greatly appreciate the opportunities and benefits that come with being a part of this international community, and we look forward to continuing our active participation in the events and committees.

We would like to thank AmCham for providing us with the chance to be a part of this vibrant network of professionals and experts, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting meetings that lie ahead.”

“United warmly thanks AMCHAM for all their efforts over the years and we are glad and proud to join the MBC program, a great initiative.”

“AMCHAM have reminded us of the need to support local retail businesses. We are delighted to support AMCHAM’s initiative and will be ‘shopping local’ with our newly delivered MBC cards!”

“Anywr-Group Luxembourg is delighted to be connecting with and supporting local businesses, thanks to the great initiative of the AMCHAM MBC -card.”

“Guardian Europe, founding Member of AMCHAM and its employees are delighted to participate in the AMCHAM Member Benefits Club (AMBC) program, a creative initiative to support Luxembourg’s economy.”

“It was such an incredible experience having a partnership with your organization. We want to express our gratitude towards the various facilities and benefits which your organization provides to our employees.”

“AMCHAM is helping support local businesses by creating a loyalty scheme with great benefits in numerous shops and service sectors. HSBC Luxembourg signed up and we got our cards today – excited to start using them!”

“It is such a tremendous pleasure to be part of this program and thank you so much for helping us to continue to develop our businesses in this difficult period. Thank you so much.”    

Alexandre GHEYSENS

“I am proud and happy to be part of the AMCHAM benefits club because unity is strength. The important thing is the pooling of trade players to promote exchanges.”

Christophe Reffay

It is essential to have an actor like AMCHAM at this difficult time in order to help companies promote their brand image.  A very big thank you to you for your support.”    

Jean-Marc Estgen

“Thank you Amcham for your amazing initiative that supports the local business .  Office Freylinger and its employees are very much looking forward to shopping local with the MBC cards !”

Anne Rassel

“We are proud to be part of the AMCHAM Member Benefits Club-Program, the largest private Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg! As the very first insurance company active in the Grand Duchy we are pleased to prove our 100 years’ experience and to offer exclusive and tailor-made services to the Luxembourg and the Greater Regions community.”

Katrin Maus  

“Thank you AMCHAM Luxembourg for this initiative to promote our hotel, especially in these difficult times. We look forward to this collaboration which I hope will be fruitful. See you soon at the City Hotel Luxembourg! We look forward to welcoming you and making you discover our beautiful city”

“L’Occitane en Provence would like to thank AMCHAM Luxembourg for its help during this difficult period. To mark this collaboration, it is with pleasure that we welcome all members in our stores.   


“We are profoundly touched but the initiative of Amcham, in helping our small business to believe in these difficult times. Thanking you deep heartedly”

Bonsai Flowers

“AMCHAM’s Benefits Club presents the opportunity to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both AMCHAM-Members and partner-firms.

Being located where we are, namely in Mamer, on the road towards Kopstal, our local clients are coming from the surrounding communes (Bertrange, Strassen, Kopstal-Bridel ). These ex-pat heavy communities are thus ideally located in relation to our establishment.

To partner with the largest private Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg was therefore an obvious choice – especially as a brand-new business. We could not be happier to have a further opportunity to present ourselves to our local neighbours and the anglophone community in general.

We hope to see you soon in Mamer Plage, where we eagerly await the opportunity to present our lovely restaurant to you.”

Roy Reding


The purpose of this discount program is to create win-win deals for our members and our partners, together we can make the difference in building the economy in Luxembourg .

  • Members get immediate discounts in the partner shops
  • Our partners get free publicity and new customers from a 10.000 affiliated membership base
  • Our support to the economy in Luxembourg

It’s a pleasure to have you with us and helping the local businesses.

Happy shopping

To find out more about our partners, please feel free to consult our site: where you can find all the partners participating by category.


To order a card please check with your HR department on how to obtain the card or email us at:

The card is personal and non-transferable. It can also be asked for the partner of our members.  

This is your opportunity to have full privilege of all the advantages this card offers the whole year round.

Every paid membership has a certain number of free cards:

  • Chartered Members:                                           300 cards
  • Corporate Members:                                            150 cards
  • Small Entrepreneurial Companies:                20 cards
  • Students, Senior, Micro Co, Affiliates:            2 cards

Additional cards for employees and their spouses can be ordered as well.



Please sent us your contact details to

  • Name of the Partner-shop
  • Owners name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Mobile phone
  • Discount offer you would like to make

How to Become a member: please click on the link below: