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PM-International donates more than 1.5 million Euros for children

Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador of PM-International and Christoph Hilligen, CEO of World Vision Germany e.V.


Schengen/Friedrichsdorf, December 16th, 2021
PM-International AG donates 1.51 million Euros to the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision.

The company has been supporting children around the globe for almost 20 years and is the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision. The donation will benefit the company’s 4,000 sponsored children around the world in the year to come.

Christoph Hilligen, CEO of World Vision Germany e.V., is proud of this strong and long-lasting partnership: “We are grateful that PM-International has been actively supporting us for so many years. With this year’s record donation, we will not only be able to positively impact the lives of 4,000 sponsored children, but also empower their families and communities which will let us reach tens of thousands of people.”

PM-International’s Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg valued World Vision’s commitment during the handover at the organization’s German headquarters in Friedrichsdorf: “With passion and drive, World Vision helps people all over the world by using donations in a sustainable way. Especially when considering the challenges of this past year, what they are doing is nothing short of impressive. World Vision is right by the children’s side and we are grateful to contribute to their work!”

Supporting 110,000 people in Cambodia and Bangladesh
PM-International is the only corporate sponsor of World Vision, which sponsors regional development projects in their entirety. These long-term Area Programs, lasting approximately 15 years, are implemented in collaboration with locals. PM-International is already active in India, Peru and Zimbabwe. In 2022, the company will take over the sponsorship of two more regional development projects in Cambodia and Bangladesh. PM-International supports these development projects by sponsoring more than 1,000 children. On-site development measures will focus on access to drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene, as well as nutrition trainings. Approximately 110,000 local people will benefit from these programs.

Perspective: 10,000 sponsored children
Over the past 2 years, PM-International has donated a total of over 4.6 million Euros through their charity foundation PM We Care. For every FitLine product purchased, PM-International donates “an Hour of Life” to children. As the company grows, so does the number of sponsored children. The family business has set itself the goal of increasing the total number of child sponsorships to 10,000. “We want to share our success responsibly, and with a great goal in mind. Every year, we empower thousands of children to become active agents of change in their community. This is possible because of the support of all our distribution partners and customers worldwide. I am incredibly thankful about what they enable us to do”, says Vicki Sorg.

About PM-International AG: PM-International AG is Europe’s largest direct selling company in the areas of health, wellness, and beauty, based in Schengen, Luxembourg.
Founded in 1993, PM-International AG develops and markets high-quality, premium dietary supplements and cosmetics through its own brand FitLine® – many of which have a patented technology. The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) represents the company’s core competency: it delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out. To guarantee a continuous high product quality, the products are regularly and independently tested by TÜV SÜD ELAB. End customers can review information about the analysis directly on the TÜV SÜD ELAB website, by scanning the QR code on the product packaging. No other competitor offers this level of transparency.
More than 700 million FitLine® products have been sold worldwide. Well over 1,000 top athletes from more than 60 disciplines and 30 nations trust in FitLine nutritional supplements and FitLine is the official supplier of numerous sports associations and national teams. Within the framework of a unique sports marketing concept, there are cooperations with the German, Austrian, Polish and Canadian Ski Associations (DSV, ÖSV, PZN, ACA), the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), the Federation of German Cyclists (BDR), the German Athletics Association (DLV), the Swiss Sliding Association (including bobsleigh), the Swiss Handball Federation (SHV) and others.
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