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Losch Luxembourg and SOCOM S.A. announce a joint venture for the development of SWIO


Losch Luxembourg and SOCOM S.A. announce a joint venture for the development of SWIO

Luxembourg, 7 December 2023. – Automotive and technology solutions integration giants Losch Luxembourg and SOCOM S.A. have officially announced the creation of a joint venture to take the SWIO brand to new heights. This strategic collaboration, celebrated at an exclusive event in December at the invitation of CEOs Thierry Beffort and Marc Thein, promises to extend the portfolio of future-proof solutions to customers in Luxembourg.

Synergy and innovation

SWIO, launched in 2019 by Losch Luxembourg as an innovative charging provider, now has a powerful ally in SOCOM. Together, the two companies have achieved such feats as the first private DC charging points in Luxembourg, the most powerful charging point on the national public network (400 kW) and the first hypercharger with an integrated battery system. This joint venture marks a logical evolution, focusing each company’s expertise in their respective fields – mobility for Losch and energy for SOCOM. As indicated by Mr Thein, CEO of SOCOM, several hundred private charging points have been installed since 2019.

A new public charging network

One of the flagship projects of this collaboration is the creation of a public charging network in Luxembourg. By combining their technical and financial resources, the joint venture is offering a unique service to businesses and public authorities looking to expand their network of charging points. The ambitious target is to have more than 1,000 charging points by 2030, making a significant contribution to the country’s energy transition and the decarbonisation of mobility.

Towards the future: Diversification and Expertise

As well as recharging electric cars, the joint venture is opening up a wide range of possibilities. Its corporate purpose covers the import, distribution, marketing, sale, leasing, financing, development, installation, operation, production, storage, repair, maintenance and renovation of energy and mobility solutions. In addition, SWIO plans to offer training and consultancy services in data analysis and management and the development of other mobile systems with or without batteries. “With our Backend system, we have put in place a means of flexible management and pricing for our customers,” stresses Mr Beffort, CEO of Losch Luxembourg.

Ambition and Innovation

Frank Wies, member of SOCOM’s Board of Management, expresses the ambitious vision of the joint venture: “Our ambition is that within a few months, the name SWIO will be synonymous with quality, excellence, reference and consultancy in Luxembourg”.
Alex Michels, member of the Board of Management of Losch Luxembourg, added: “This collaboration represents a unique synergy between our respective areas of expertise. Active in the automotive and energy sectors, the partnership is an essential link in Luxembourg’s energy transition.”