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LFF announces Sustainable Finance Forum

A transformative force, sustainable finance has evolved from a niche sector to a pivotal market driver and now enters a new era. More embedded than ever within the global financial system, this new period is marked by further integration of ESG factors into corporate strategy, the extension of sustainability reporting to private firms, heightened political nuances surrounding ESG, increased scrutiny of supply chains, and a more stringent approach towards greenwashing.

Facing this shift, the challenge for financial services is to transition from passive to proactive commitment and tangible implementation, ensuring sustainability is embedded in the very fabric of their operational and strategic framework.

Join Luxembourg for Finance’s annual Sustainable Finance Forum livestream on 23 and 24 April 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST, where we gather leading actors in the realm of sustainable finance.

Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Change and Co-Chair for the Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero, will provide the opening address of the conference. H.E. Gilles Roth, Luxembourg’s Finance Minister, will share his views on how we can further facilitate and take the necessary actions to finance a sustainable future. William Wright, Founder and Managing Director of New Financial, unveils the findings of the third edition of our sustainable finance integration report series which assesses to what extent green finance has truly been onboarded by financial firms in various sectors across the globe.

The first day of the conference will examine the transformative ascent of sustainable finance as a leading strategy for investors, clients, and financial institutions. Day two will navigate the industry’s challenges and innovative solutions, as well as the regulatory framework designed to enhance the market’s progression in the field of sustainable finance.

In addition to the discussion by Uli Grabenwarter, Director of Equity Investments at the European Investment Fund, on the funding challenges required to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the shifts needed in the financial system, Jean-Paul Servais, Chair of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions, will delve into the importance of navigating regulatory and market variability factors in relation to ESG data.

You can register by clicking on the image below.