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IQ-EQ Launches Hybrid Funds Desk to Meet Growing Client and Industry Demand

IQ-EQ Launches Hybrid Funds Desk to Meet Growing Client and Industry Demand

Leading global investor services provider announces new, market-leading offering for hybrid fund managers


Luxembourg – January 20, 2022 – IQ-EQ, a leading global investor services provider, announced today the launch of its new Hybrid Funds Desk. The new desk will provide the burgeoning hybrid funds market with a dedicated, globally integrated team with expertise across open-ended and closed-ended fund structures.


With recent years seeing increased capital flows into funds as well as an expanding investor base, traditional and alternative asset managers alike have looked to broaden their product offerings by pursuing diversified portfolios and multi-asset strategy funds. As a result, hybrid funds – which provide fund managers the unique flexibility to invest in a range of asset classes and combine both illiquid and liquid investment strategies – have become increasingly popular across the globe.


The complex and non-standard nature of hybrid funds, however, presents several challenges from an administration perspective due to each fund’s unique multi-asset and complex fee calculations, and need for tailor-made service solutions. IQ-EQ’s new hybrid funds desk directly addresses these requirements while providing the same sophisticated, tailored service IQ-EQ has become known for globally.


IQ-EQ’s Hybrid Funds Desk offers a full suite of services at the fund, asset and investor levels, combining the firm’s technical expertise with modern, streamlined technology solutions. It is designed to provide managers and investors with a singular, yet integrated system that services both liquid and illiquid asset classes end-to-end. It is built around IQ-EQ’s core technology platform, and, when combined with IQ-EQ’s leading reporting platform, allows for the combining of multiple data feeds to produce enhanced, standardized reporting and analytics.

With options to also incorporate additional dedicated software platforms, which provide value-add asset level, SPV, Middle Office and AML/KYC services, the Desk further includes a dedicated, global team of experts across IQ-EQ’s wider alternative and institutional funds, capital markets, compliance, and AIFM practice groups.


Justin Partington, Global Head of Funds at IQ-EQ, comments: “I am delighted to launch our IQ-EQ Hybrid Funds Desk which we have created to meet growing client demand. We have seen rising interest in hybrid funds – not just from fund clients but also from private wealth and family office clients who are interested in the flexibility, opportunities and returns that hybrid funds provide.


The Hybrid Funds Desk mirrors all the defining facets of hybrid funds, with the built-in flexibility needed to support complex structures. We are excited to be evolving our business alongside the industry and to maintain our position as the leading investor services provider globally.”

IQ-EQ operates in 24 jurisdictions worldwide, with a presence in key funds jurisdictions, including the U.S., United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, and the Cayman Islands. To learn more about and contact IQ-EQ’s Hybrid Funds Desk, please visit





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About IQ-EQ

IQ-EQ is a leading investor services group that brings together a rare combination of global technical expertise and deep understanding of client needs. We have the know-how and the ‘know you’ to provide a comprehensive range of compliance, administration, asset and advisory services to fund managers, multinational companies, family offices and private clients operating worldwide.

IQ-EQ employs a global workforce of 3,600+ people located in 24 jurisdictions and has assets under administration (AUA) exceeding US$500 billion. IQ-EQ works with 15 of the top 20 global private equity firms.

Also part of the IQ-EQ group of companies are First National Trustee Company (FNTC), Equitis, The Private Office, Peru and Partners, Blue River, Conseil Expertise and Synthèse, Constellation Advisers, Concord Trust Company and newly acquired U.S. based Greyline Partners, LLC.

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