Invitation to the European Commission Webinar Thursday 16th April 2020

Dear all,
We sincerely hope that this message finds you and your families healthy! 
Please find attached an invitation for a webinar which we think would interest you. We advise you to study the instructions to join this online conference ahead of time, and if you want to join us please connect shortly ahead of 10am next Thursday 16th of April. 
For such an online meeting to be successful, it is very important that participants KEEP THE MICROPHONES MUTED during the full duration of the meeting and unmute the microphone only when the Chair gives them the floor. We thank those who will join us for respecting this discipline, in order for the conference to run as smoothly as possible.
We hope you join us!
Take care, and with best wishes,
Yuriko BACKES (Ms)
Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg


Invitation_Webinar on COVID19 – EU response_16 April 2020