Expired Digital Transformation Journey

The Digital Transformation Journey (DTJ)

We invite you to join us and the Minister Delegate for Digitalization,  Marc HANSEN , for a Digital Transformation Journey event on the evening of 17 June at the Spuerkeess Banking Center  “19 Liberte” as the guests of our hosts Spuerkeess and LaLux Assurances. This event will commence with a welcome cocktail at 18:30 followed by the event presentation beginning at 19:00 and closing after lite refreshments at approximately 21:30. The event is organized by a digitally focused consortium of AMCHAM, APSI, Security made in LU, and the How Institute and will feature David Goldsmith a renowned author and futurologist expert in  AI, Digital transformation leadership, and a NASA consultant working in support of the first manned moon base. We are honored to have David share his insights with us and encourage both tech and non tech persons to register and attend by signing up for this free event below.  We have worked hard to make this event happen and ensure access to all interested parties as a public service. We believe this will be one of the most significant must-attend IT events of the year and hope you will join us.

Luxembourg (like the rest of Europe, and indeed the world) has begun a transformative change process which can-not be ignored and can-not be stopped. This change process is all encompassing and will fundamentally impact how we organize and use information, what we learn and know, and how we function as business entities, government bureaucracies, education providers and private individuals. We have only two choices: adapt and prepare ourselves as organizations and individuals to organize, think and function in completely new ways and view this process as an opportunity to totally re-invent ourselves so we can thrive, prosper and live in a new, better world than we presently have… or become those who are left behind with negative consequences for our wellbeing and happiness which we all will regret.

Luxembourg has already begun this journey for some time under the leadership of our present Prime Minister and his key leaders: We have installed many kilometers of fiber optic cables to ensure every organization, business and individual is connected to the grid; we have the greatest per capita critical mass of Data Centers on the planet; we have installed computers in every classrooms; our Labor Ministry is investing heavily in digital retraining programs for young, middle aged and older workers of both genders. We have much to be proud of; and many of our companies are embracing and starting to heavily invest in digital transformation redesign initiatives as well. As said, we have much to be proud of.

But, there is still an enormous amount of institutional and personal work left to be done ensuring we as a society, composed of both institutions and individuals, do the necessary comprehensive processes self- analysis and undertake the necessary implementation changes to get it all right.

Ensuring that every part of our business, governmental and social society from top to bottom is included and benefits with no institution or individual left behind, has to be our main focus.  This will be very heavy lifting with enormous benefits if we succeed.

Let’s listen, discuss and commit to make Luxembourg the first Digital Country of Tomorrow in Europe and reap the benefits. Join us!

**David Goldsmith is President of Goldsmith Organization NY/HK solving BIG challenges; author Paid to THINK; co-founder Buzd SF (patents); patent holder of tech/mobile apps, AI, battery techs, consumer products; founder Project Moon Hut Foundation; founder of the global social movement along with NASA to improve life on Earth through an earth-and-space based ecosystem; was co-founder/partner in predictive analytics, AI, mobile-phone-app development, Chief Strategist  for N2 Global Solutions for SuperGrid/smart-cities, IOT tech; recipient of Hollywood Producer’s Global Visionary Disruptor and NYU’s Excellence in Teaching awards.

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The Digital Transformation Journey (DTJ)

June 17, 2019

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



19, avenue de la Liberté, L-1931 Luxembourg, Luxembourg


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