Expired Brexit as an Opportunity for Business




1. The focus of the zoom conference is twofold:

1.1. Micro analysis (of niches at six digit Eurostat code), not macro, that is major cross section analysis; and

1.2. On Brexit as an opportunity, not as a risk.

2. Indeed Brexit creates two types of opportunities:

2.1. First opportunity: substitution of UK exports

Question: which EU-27 countries are 1) importing a great deal from the UK,  2) precisely in the niches where a specific company is exporting a lot, but 3) for whatever reason those countries import very little from that specific company?;

2.2. Second opportunity: change of a risk into an opportunity

Question: which EU-27 countries are 1) importing from the world, 2) not counting the UK, 3) the same niches that a specific company exports a great deal to the UK, but 4) that specific company exports very little (for whatever reason) to those EU-27 countries?

3. In both cases the output for each company (or/and industrial association or/and country) is:

3.1. a list of major importers (names of companies) to be contacted;

3.2. in each EU-27 country;

3.3. in each niche (six digit code of the Eurostat);

3.4. and why those niches represent the greatest opportunities in terms of (all quantified):

3.4.1. Value;

3.4.2. Importance;

3.4.3. Urgency; and

3.4.4. Competitiveness.

4. Each economy has about 5.000 niches (six digit code of the Eurostat).

There are 26 countries (not counting the UK and the country of interest).

Making a total of (5.000 x 26) 130.000 alternatives. Thus the question: among them which are the ten greatest opportunities for each country, economic sector or company?

5. Concrete examples will be provided from one extreme to the other of Europe: from Finland, Netherlands and Portugal.

6. The zoom conference is of interest to 1) company managers, 2) bank managers (to redirect their clients strategy), 3) industrial associations directors and 4) government officials, who will take from it:

6.1. First: concrete examples across different countries, sectors and companies; and

6.2. Second: a simple and powerful methodology, a tool which can be applied to each one’s area of specific activity to readjust the concrete strategy.

7. The conference will last 25 minutes followed by Q&A.

A short Bio on our speaker Jorge Sà

Mr Sà is a Drucker expert and a former Drucker student (who offered letters of recommendation and endorsements for his books) and Professor at the Swiss Business School in Zurich and AESE/IESE of Barcelona. Holds a master’s degree from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management in California and a doctorate (PhD) in Business Administration, from Columbia University, in New York.

He was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair by the Jean Monnet Foundation in Brussels, published twenty four books in twelve languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Ukrainian, German, Lithuanian, Thai, Korean, Norwegian and Iranian which received endorsements, among others, from Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Al Ries (author of the bestsellers Marketing Warfare and Positioning) and Philip Kotler.

He has addressed conferences and given seminars at TED USA (https://youtu.be/SOkjPVi1Fts), Drucker University, London Business School, IESE, Glasgow Business School, Manchester Business School and Oxford, among others, and worked as private consultant, non-executive director or taught in the executive programs of multinational companies such as: Coca-Cola, SHELL, IBM, Price Waterhouse, KPMG, Glaxo, BP, Metro Group, Intermarché, Mini Prix, Accenture, Scottish & Newcastle, Sara Lee, Total, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, UnitedHealthcare, Merck, Volkswagen, Microsoft, etc.

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Brexit as an Opportunity

October 21, 2020

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm