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EGB Design & Build N13

EGB Design & Build N13 | An interior design compendium


For the architectural firm EGB Interior Design, September 2021 marks the publication of the 13th edition of its annual Design and Build magazine. It features projects completed over the previous year, including offices, restaurants, residential and retail spaces.

One of EGB’s greatest prides has always been to work locally and to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the beauty of Luxembourg through the homes and workplaces.


To mark the occasion, let’s read some words from the firm’s partner, Stephane di Carlo.

“Despite an overwhelming year, our ambition and motivation remain intact: to develop efficient, sustainable, and outstanding offices and homes. This year, we have paid particular attention to facilitating the return of employees to the office by taking into consideration the new emerging needs and regulations. Whether a company is relocating or expanding, we develop a complete tailor-made solution for its entire workplace fit-out project that offers flexibility to adapt to the changes ahead.”


Each project is different and singular, but one constant always prevails. The desire to design and build working environments that reflect the company’s brand and inspire its team, homes that reflect the owners’ personality and give them peace of mind.

Stéphane adds: “After more than 30 years in the design industry, we are still amazed at how fortunate we are to pursue our passion and how fascinating it feels, especially when we collaborate with such incredible clients and suppliers. At EGB, we dare to expect more from design, and that makes all the difference.”

In this edition, you are invited to discover EGB’s latest projects composed of bold, generous, and unique spaces. You may discover some businesses and recognize others, such as the financial institution atHome Finance, the high-end retail brand Hertz or the health and care provider Verbanskëscht.


Please find the link to the online version of the Magazine below :

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Enjoy the read!