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Editorial: A new day and a new direction for Luxembourg!

Editorial by Paul Schonenberg

The voters of Luxembourg have changed the direction of the country from being slightly left of center to becoming again slightly right of center, as has historically been the case since the end of World War II. In all likelihood, Luc Frieden will be Prime Minister with a mandate to strengthen the economy and ensure Luxembourg’s prosperity during a difficult period in the history of Europe. There is a good chance he will lead a sensible back to basics government which cuts taxes for business and the middle class, refuses to impose a national wealth tax or a shortened work week and imposes some additional discipline on the funding of both new social initiatives and foreign aid social programs.

The credit for this direction shift goes specifically to the voters of Luxembourg who have signaled the current government coalition has been slightly out of touch with the desires of the voters on the street. This change is both subtle and profound. It honors the good work and contributions of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Minister of Finance Yuriko Backes, thereby potentially leaving the door open for them to remain government partners with the resurgent CSV.

Noticeably, Luxembourg voters sent a message to the Greens who now have a substantially reduced presence in the Parliament of only four seats (down from nine seats after the 2018 elections). Déi Lénk has not increased in popularity, still holding only two Parliamentary seats (same as 2018 election). On other hand, both the Pirate party and the slightly farther to the right ADR party each gained one additional Parliamentary seat, further reinforcing this modest voter mind set move to the right.

Now is the time for everyone to accept the wisdom of the citizens of Luxembourg and come together to implement a slightly smaller, slightly less expensive, pro-business government that provides simplified and less complicated administrative bureaucracy for both companies and people, along with more efficient, higher quality services for the prosperity and benefit of all!