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DSM Avocats à la Cour hosts 4 high school students as interns during dayCARE Digital Explorer Day

On 28 October, in the context of the DayCARE Digital Explorer training day, DSM Avocats à la
Cour  hosted virtually as interns Yanis, Alessandra, Bruno and Emil.

The objective of dayCARE Digital Explorer is to help young people learn about the options for
professional orientation on the Luxembourg job market.

During this day, the volunteer high school students do an internship in an enterprise of their
choice. The day allows the raising of funds for the non-profit CARE, which serves to support the training of midwives in Niger and Laos. For each high school student hosted, we made a donation of EUR 100 to CARE.

During the morning program, the students were able to learn about different facets of the legal profession through the following presentations:
• Introduction and about the firm by Mario DI STEFANO, Managing Partner;
• Being a litigation attorney by Alessandra MEDINA, Senior Associate;
• A law firm’s back office by Fabrice GIRAUD, Office Manager;
• Specialisation in banking and financial law by Marie-Paule GILLEN, Partner; and
• Counsel and professional ethics by Sébastien RIMLINGER, Counsel.

The afternoon was then spent on a workshop reflecting on the development of the legal profession in the next 10 years, taking into account the digital revolution’s impact. With Kelly QUESADA VEGA and Cathy NELSON, we produced a ‘Digital Vision’ based on joint tools. It was an enriching experience for both sides.
It was also an opportunity to share our profession and assist the students with their professional orientation choice, all in supporting a humanitarian cause! We view the day as an exceptional opportunity to jointly commit ourselves to humanitarian values, all in opening new opportunities to young generations.

Thank you Alessandra, Bruno, Emil and Yanis for your curiosity as well as for the interesting exchanges.
Bravo to the CARE Luxembourg a.s.b.l. / IMS team and to all the companies participating in dayCARE 2020.

Luxembourg, 29 October 2020

About DSM Avocats à la Cour:
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