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Covid 19- A message from the Luxembourg Government

In the context of the latest government measures aimed at combatting the
spread of the corona virus, the Grand Ducal Police have begun carrying out
inspections to ensure the following measures are being respected in Luxembourg:

The police have recalled that traffic on public roads is currently limited
to the following activities: the purchase of food, medication and basic
necessities; access to health services; travel to the workplace to carry out
a professional or commercial activity; assistance and care for the elderly,
minors, dependent people, disabled people or particularly vulnerable people;
travel to financial and insurance institutions in the event of an emergency;
due to a case of force majeure or a situation of necessity; and outdoor
leisure activities provided that an interpersonal distance of two metres is

The police also reiterated that the emergency hotline 113 is reserved for
emergencies only. For all questions and non-urgent matters, the public is
asked to contact one of the country’s police stations via telephone.