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What is Thanksgiving?

The basic idea of Thanksgiving goes as far back as the first domestication of grain as human kind began to provide food for themselves through management of agriculture and domesticated animals. As human societies gradually moved from a hunter gatherer existence into more permanent agriculture focused settlements living in the same place over time, it gradually developed that the harvest period gave rise to a celebration and giving of thanks to the gods for providing food harvests after the growing season sufficient to keep people alive for a reasonable period of time.

Now a very  long time later, Thanksgiving is celebrated here in Luxembourg, and around the world, to share food together, share friendship and give thanks for our good fortune to live with our families and friends and enjoy some measure of prosperity in this wonderful small country in the heart of Europe.

Among Americans, Thanksgiving is traditionally a family affair with perhaps the inclusion of a few very close friends. We in AMCHAM likewise honor this tradition of family in Luxembourg by not celebrating on the official day, but rather celebrating as a group of colleagues and friends at a convenient time the next day or day after.