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Fundraiser for Country Radio Gilsdorf

We extend our support to our friends at Country Radio Gilsdorf, who have recently experienced physical damage to their antenna. In times of adversity, unity and community support become paramount. The station’s resilience and commitment to delivering quality content have not gone unnoticed. To aid in their recovery, we are issuing a statement of support and encourage our community to contribute to their fundraiser. Together, we can help Country Radio Gilsdorf overcome this challenge and ensure they continue to be a vital source of entertainment and connection for all.

Please see their statement below.

“Country Radio Gilsdorf 103.9 FM is the first and only Country Radio Music station in Luxembourg. We transmit on 103.9FM in the northern part of Luxembourg and via online stream worldwide.

The radio is a non-profit organization with no revenue run by 2 people in their free time. In September 2018 the radio went on air and since then our audience has grown thoughout Luxembourg. On 103.9FM we can reach about 200.000 people in the northern part of Luxembourg (Mersch – Weiswampach)

Unfortunately a month ago our antennas were damaged by lightning and there is no possibility to fix them.

The best offer from a professional company in the Netherlands for a new antenna set is for 1700€. Another 500€ have to be added for a crane for half a day to take down the old antennas and install the new ones.

As we do not have that money on our account, we have launched a supportive member fundraiser. Listeners and supporters can become supportive members of the radio with a donation.

On our website you will find a Donate button for paypal, payconiq (digicash) is also accepted via our phone number on the business card or a bank transfer.

We are very happy for every support we can get to keep country music on air here in Luxembourg.”

More info or details about the radio station on our Facebook page: