• 22.09.18 09:30“Newcomers Orientation Courses for Third-Country Nationals” in Portuguese

    A Câmara de Comércio Americana “AMCHAM”no Luxemburgo, organiza-se gratuitamente cursos de orientação de recém-chegados no Luxemburgo durante 6 horas, com o apoio financeiro do "Fundo de Asilo, Migração e Integração" (AMIF) e da Agência de Recepção e Integração do Luxemburgo Ministério da Família e Integração (OLAI).
  • 22.09.18 09:45“Newcomers' Orientation Courses for Third-Country Nationals” in English

    The American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, under the auspices of and with the funding support of the “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” (AMIF) and the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration (OLAI), organizes free of charge 6 hours long Newcomers Orientation Courses.
  • 25.09.18 19:00Marketing in the GDPR world: Same Same...but different 

    GDPR has hit, and since May 25, has had a remarkable impact not only on IT, HR and legal data handling, but also the way MarCom works in an ever-more sensitive environment to ePrivacy. 
  • 27.09.18 19:00Town Hall Meeting with Key Luxembourg Politicians

    Following the higly successful 2017 Town Hall event, we in AMCHAM continue to work hard to inform and involve the English-speaking foreign residents as voters in the 14 October elections. To this end, we invite you to participate in a Town Hall Meeting organized by AMCHAM Luxembourg on 27 September 2018.
  • 01.10.18 12:00Eight Keys to Working Successfully with the Chinese

    Whether you’re looking to attract potential Chinese investors or are already faced with the challenge of integrating Chinese employees to your company, you need to understand how their values impact their behavior in a business and social context. Find out how to manage and motivate Chinese people during this AMCHAM luncheon. From business etiquette to preferred communication styles, learn what it takes to build strong relationships and create trust.
  • 04.10.18 19:00Digital strategies for Luxembourg : Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

    Join AMCHAM, APSI and PwC Luxembourg for serious SWOT analysis of the challenges we face!
  • 12.11.18 12:00AMCHAM & BCC Personal Tax Lunch

    AMCHAM Luxembourg and the British Chamber of Commerce are jointly inviting you to attend a "Personal Tax" Lunch with guest speakers Laura Foulds, Managing Director, Analie Tax & Consulting; and Aude-Marie Breden, Personal Tax Senior Manager, Mazars.
  • 16.11.18 19:00AMCHAM Thanksgiving Dinner

    Join us for a relaxed and gently inspiring sharing of food and friendship! And bring your dancing shoes to dance the night away. As always, we will have our traditional Thanksgiving tombola prizes!
  • 21.11.18 19:00Interaction between 3 Lines of Defense (3LoDs)

    AMCHAM's Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee invites you to join AMCHAM for an event on the topic "Interaction between 3 Lines of Defense (3LoDs)".
  • 12.12.18 12:00Annual Christmas Lunch with Minister Pierre Gramegna

    AMCHAM's Annual Christmas lunch with Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna.

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