Thanksgiving Dinner 2018 – DoubleTree by Hilton – 16th November, 2018



A completely full house of 250 people joined AMCHAM to honour Prime Minister Bettel with a Leadership and Prosperity Award on the occasion of the AMCHAM 23rd annual Thanksgiving in the Ballroom of the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Luxembourg. 20 members of the Diplomatic Corp, headed by US Ambassador J.Randolph Evans and his wife joined the AMCHAM members and guests for a fabulous Turkey dinner, extraordinary tombola prizes (Huge Thanks to Malek!!!) and wonderful dancing well into the small hours. Thanks for all of your emails and messages praising the event. Come again next year…

The AMCHAM Thanksgiving dinner got off to a great start with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel being presented with the AMCHAM/Swarovski 2018 Leadership and Prosperity Award by Paul Schonenberg, CEO of Amcham. Prime Minister Bettel was absolutely delighted to receive this unexpected award!

In his speech following the award, Prime Minister Bettel remarked that when he had come back from Paris commemorating the [end of the] First World War, not far away from here in Hamm, we have thousands of Americans buried. They fought for my liberties. They fought for my country. We were partners, we are partners. And we need to stay partners. I strongly believe that the economic ties and relations are essential to stability, prosperity and also security of both regions. This has always been our common objective.”

Prime Minister Bettel continued: “I thank Amcham for their relations and helping shape policies. This will guarantee that Luxembourg will not only remain on the forefront of key sectors in which it already excels such as Fintech or Biotechnology today, but we will also be ready for the next challenges, such as into space. I can assure you that the next government will continue to develop the already strong momentum of the Luxembourg framework which makes it a unique place in the Eurozone and the world.”

I know that you all are the official ambassadors of Luxembourg. You are by being here in our country, by sharing your experiences, by appreciating the time you spend, by being a part of this success story, which is helping. Because a lot of people forget that Luxembourg was not always a rich country. My country was a poor country. We were always aiming to be ready for the next big challenge. And Luxembourg was a fortress, we decided to take away the walls and to be open.”

“And if today over 70 percent of the population in the city are not Luxembourgers and 50 percent of our population in the country are not Luxembourgers, they are part of our success story. And I am very proud during the last elections we were able to not have the same situation as we have in Germany and in France and so many different countries where people try to make differences the weakness of their society,” the PM said.

“I know that being different, having a different culture, different traditions, different languages, and different histories makes us stronger. Knowing that by changing, if someone has differences, you will get a new experience and you will get richer through that experience. So thank you to all of you for being a part of these differences, of this success story called Luxembourg. We are always able to move forward and continue the success story,”