Selling Yourself American Style

Amcham members were invited to a free webinar event in partnership with LACC in New York.


A challenge heard again and again from anyone working in the U.S. or working for a U.S. company is that you have to be able to advocate for yourself in the American way. But not everyone knows how to promote themselves in this fashion!

This workshop was aimed at members

  • already working in the U.S. and need to brush up on these skills?
  • coming to the U.S. and would like to have a leg-up on the working climate?
  • working outside of the U.S. for an American company and could use a little insight into the corporate culture?

Not knowing “the code” can leave professionals struggling to get noticed and get the opportunities and promotions they want.  And when you figure it out, it becomes so much easier to compete…and still be yourself

In this workshop, we learned about how to develop The Impact Statement.  It’s the Elevator Pitch – American Style.

  • You’ll identify your top strengths and link them to the impact of your work
  • You’ll learn language that allows you to highlight your impact, without boasting or feeling awkward
  • You’ll learn when and how to use the Impact Statement for best effect

Speaker Claire Steichen

Claire Steichen, founder of Clear Strategy Coaching, is dedicated to teaching professionals how to be more successful by understanding how to leverage their skills, navigate their work environment, and find focus.

Claire supports team leaders who want to build confident teams that deliver extraordinary results. She does it using her  I to the 4th Power methodology, developed from two decades in corporate sales and marketing

(L’Oreal, Christian Dior, Givaudan), received her MBA from Columbia Business School, and 14+ years coaching and training professionals at Fortune 500 organizations.


 This event was held on Tuesday, September 13th  2022 at 18:00