To effectively promote Luxembourg and its various advantages for conducting business, PwC has sponsored a presentation, in collaboration with AMCHAM, to position Luxembourg as the ideal gateway to address the European market.

The presentation “Why Luxembourg?” introduces the ten key differentiating advantages of Luxembourg which are:

  • Strategic position
  • Neutrality
  • Safety
  • Financial health of the country
  • Skilled multi-lingual work force
  • Excellent place of infrastructure
  • Top-level financial and multinational IT clusters
  • Good logistical network
  • Flexible welcoming authorities
  • Attractive lifestyle

The presentation also contains data on the economy, finance, corporate taxation, IT players, employment and labor costs, with key case studies.


“Why Luxembourg?” Presentation

(English version)

It is recommended and requested that people feel free to download this PDF for presentations to anyone interested in knowing more about economic life in Luxembourg and the advantages of Luxembourg as the preferred business location in Europe.