MALT Innovative Factory

Available discount: 10%

  • Set in a former 1950s beer bottling plant, Malt Innovative Factory in Luxembourg City is where history meets modern design. This venue, abundant with natural light and flexible spaces, offers a unique event experience that emphasizes the allure of digital arts.
  • Right in the heart of Luxembourg City, our venue offers a mix of vintage charm and modern versatility. With the capacity to host up to 344 guests, it provides an opportunity to shape your events precisely how you envision them.
  • Boost your event’s impact with our expansive 47 sqm video projection area. Whether you’re planning a 15-meter panoramic display or using individual screens, our top-notch projectors and sound system ensure your content stands out, leaving a lasting impression.

We offer a 10% discount on the following items:
– Provision of space.
– On-site technical and technological infrastructure (sound, event lighting, video projection, microphones, stage, lecterns, catering counters).


Malt Innovative Factory
1 rue de la Tour Jacob, L-1831 Luxembourg
28 80 09 09