JES’tudio ElectroMyoStimulation

Available discount: 10%

  • For more than 6 years, JES’studio has been the fitness specialist in Luxembourg City!
  • The studio uses Miha Bodytec devices and technique (Germany’s leading manufacturer of EMS training devices) to offer you the best results.
  • Our specialist coaches make it a point of honor to provide support. Each coaching is individual, of high quality and personalized.
  • Throughout your subscription, we progress at your own pace while respecting your objectives.
  • EMS is a technique that uses painless low-frequency pulses in a way that your muscles dynamically oppose. This type of training multiplies by 18 the results that you will obtain with “classic” training. Electrostimulation is a real alternative to fitness rooms since it solicits absolutely all the muscles, even the deepest ones without any load on the joints.


72 Route D'Arlon l-1150 Luxembourg
(+352) 691 888 667