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  • 10% discount on Wines and Spirits only

  • Hobuch is a company that is proud to be an international player in the wine and spirits industry. Our objective is distributing a diverse portfolio of premium beverages in different markets and provide an outstanding customer  service. In addition, Hobuch is emerging to be an important wholesaler of spirits thanks to the large network of suppliers and a motivated team, always searching for good opportunities in the market in order to transfer those price benefits to our customers.
  • The founder is Erick Viloria Lazaro , son of Omar Viloria Silva who already in the 70s was an active spirits distributor in his native country, Colombia and the region. Owner of several duty-free shops with a vast access to an international network of brand owners, distributors and brand representatives, this gave an inspiration to Erick Viloria Lazaro to expand the international vision of his father by crating a strategy that would allow him to be close to key world spirits markets such as Germany and France. This is why choosing Luxembourg aside for family reasons,  was an ideal strategic location for distribution of almost any kind of products due to the amazing connectivity and close proximity to important markets.


65, rue Robert Schuman L-5751 Frisange
26 67 08 30