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Diosfit is a fitness coaching and personal development service dedicated to enhancing our clients’ lives by training both the body and mind.
The fitness and health journey often revolves around one burning question: “If not you, who will do it?” Over the years, we have learned from our clients that their struggle to improve their fitness and health stems from two main frustrations: not knowing what to do and how to do it well, and lacking the support to move from inactivity to consistent action.
With our two studios in Luxembourg (Wormeldange and Hesperange), our standout offering, the Diosfit Movement Academy (DMA), addresses these problems with a progressive program using our 3-part method: Exercise, Education, and Mentorship.

Exercise: A strong body is the foundation of a happy, fulfilled life. Every person needs to learn how to use their body effectively to enjoy a life of freedom without compromises.
Education: We cover everything directly tied to exercise, such as reading and executing an exercise program and warming up effectively. Additionally, we address other relevant subjects that affect performance, including sleep, nutrition, recovery, and more.
Mentorship: This is where the magic happens. Through these coaching sessions, we help you create a mindset that will make you actively practice the knowledge gained through the exercise and education sessions until they become part of your identity.

If you are ready to look, feel, and actually be fit, not just for the summer, but for a lifetime, we want to talk to you!


DIOSFIT, Wormeldange
Z.I Op Tomm, 5485Wormeldange-Haut (Wormer Berreg), Luxembourg
Diosfit, Fentange
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