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Maison Dixneuf:

In the heart of the Cognac region, between Jarnac and RouillacKylian Dixneuf has chosen to work in a vineyard on a human scale (12 hectares), to devote a lot of time to the development of his pineau and his cognac. Like the majority of Charentais winegrowers, he is in contact with a major merchant for the marketing of most of his harvest, but his passion for the profession has led him, for several years, to make bottling in the region. ‘exploitation (around 1000 bottles of Cognac per year and 7000 of Pineau des Charentes).

Originally from the same region and a family of producers, Manuel Pereira moved to Luxembourg in 2007. His roots and his passion for Cognac naturally led him to create the Cognac Experience company, with his childhood friend Nicolas Merceron. Beyond his professional activity in the financial sector, Manuel likes to share his passion and leads tastings in companies or private homes.

In the continuity of a very strong friendship initiated by André Dixneuf (Kylian’s father) and Guy Narfit (Manuel’s grandfather), Kylian and Manuel combined their passion and creativity to import authentic Pineaux and Cognacs to Luxembourg., produced in a traditional way and the rules of Charente art.


Cognac Experience
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