Meet the Marketers –

On July 11, 2019, the Marketing Committee of AMCHAM decided to put together a new type of event: a speed dating session allowing members and non-members to freely and openly discuss with different Marketing experts.

The idea came from the realization that startups, SMEs, large companies all share similar Marketing & Communications concerns. The aim of this session was to help the audience navigate these topics that range from:

  • Global strategy
  • Implementing campaigns
  • Using social media
  • Generating content
  • Events that bring you ROI
  • Navigating the world of PR (press relations)

The event was hosted at PwC and opened with the presentation of 3 case studies:

  • Bogdan Toader, Founder of LuxCreators, talked about the strength of corporate vlogging and its potential to raise awareness and improve brands’ visibility.
  • Kerstin Becker, Managing Director of Business Pilotage Consulting, presented how to best integrate online and offline Marketing within a campaign.
  • Helene Thouvenin, Head of Marketing at PwC, explained how the company evaluated its customer’s satisfaction and the tools used to do so.


At the end of these presentations, 6 of the members of the Marketing Committee of AMCHAM spent time with the attendees to answer their concerns and questions, on a one-to-one basis. With a combined experience of 100 years their shared experiences proved invaluable.


A big thanks to the experts:


  • Melanie Delannoy – GovSat (MARCOM Generalist)
  • Helene Thouvenin – PwC (General Marketing for professional services, Support to Bus.Dev., Client Programmes)
  • Monika Lebkowska – SES Networks (MARCOM B2B services, product Marketing)
  • Troy Bankhead – Techcyte (Digital marketing, branding, customer experience)
  • Christian Carbonne – ACL (Experience in sales, marketing and brand management)
  • Gregory Tugendhat – Regiotels (Digital Marketing for the services and hospitality industry)

With many thanks to PWC’s event team and for the after session cocktails