Lunch with Claude Marx- CSSF- 4. March 2019

On Monday, 4 February 2019, AMCHAM hosted the Director General of the CSSF, Claude Marx, for a private member only lunch at the Hotel le Royal . Tables were sponsored by: PWC, Deloitte, State Street, Brown Brothers Harriman, KPMG, J.P. Morgan, Loyens and Loeff and Citigroup, hosting 95 senior members of the Luxembourg financial sector. With the lead of the AMCHAM finance committee, this event was also supported by the Risk/ Audit/ Compliance committee and the corporate services committee. Following a Cremant cocktail and an excellent lunch. Mr. Marx took questions from Francis Kass of Arendt, the finance chairman and Michael Schweiger, from Loyens and Loeff, the project manager for the event.

In his remarks, Mr Marx provided very useful clarity and understanding concerning the CSSF view on many important topics. His comments were very reassuring  at a time when the financial community feels a bit under assault by ever more complex regulatory requirements. He assured the AMCHAM members and invited guests that the management of the CSSF fully understands the concerns and challenges of the Financial sector and takes these into consideration when undertaking its responsibilities.

In addition to this excellent engagement with the AMCHAM audience and their guests, Mr. Marx, in his introductory remarks, generously complemented AMCHAM, by announcing the CSSF would join AMCHAM as a member.