L&D Speakers announced For RTD Launch Event

Speaker: Jana Fiedler, Learning & Development Manager

Topic: How can we provide our users with the best of both worlds: managing the complexity of L&D processes and simplifying access to digital learning content?

Speakers: Dr. Serge Linckels (deputy director of the VET department and “captaine” of the DLH) + Marco d’Amico, chief operations officers at DLH.

Topic: Providing an appropriate infrastructure to foster creativity, peer-to-peer work as well as an international learning and exchange culture.

Speaker: Navarun Bhattacharya, Global Product Leader, Learning & Talent, Amazon Web Services

Topic: When the ways of working, primarily driven by technology and importantly the context we live and work keeps changing ever more rapidly, should we not explore modern approaches to how we train and develop?


For agenda, tickets and event information, please follow [THIS LINK] to register.