International Women’s day – 6th March, 2019 at PWC

On Wednesday, 6th March 2019, AMCHAM, partnered with PWC Luxembourg, to celebrate International Women’s Day at PWC in Gasperich.


Embracing the core theme „Celebrating success!“, a Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) panel discussion, was held, featuring:

Dr. Megha Agrawal ( Managing Director of Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Science),

Roxane Haas (PWC Luxembourg, Banking Leader),

Dr. Aline Muller ( Chief Executive Officer of the Luxembourg Institute go Socio- Economic Research) ,

Pit Hentgen, Chairman of Lalux.

The KTC was wonderfully moderated by Lisa Francis- Jennings (Managing Partner of StratAffect).


After individual opening remarks and the moderated interactive discussion, the participants answered questions from the audience.


Paul Schonenberg, Chairman of AMCHAM closed the formal part of the program by summarizing the inspiring stories and experiences shared during the discussion into six major life lesson key points to success:


  1. If you want to be successful, be brave, take risks and take every opportunity.
  2. Live in the now, not the future and past. Be open for new ideas; keep your eyes and ears open, „be a sponge“, as Dr. Meghan Agrawal pointed out.
  3. Have core values you believe in, and most importantly stay true to them.
  4. Follow your own path, as it is your life to live, not the life of your parents, partners or friends. Own it and live it for all its worth.
  5. As Mr. Hentgen said, „Just do it!“. If you really believe, do what you believe in and just jump into it.
  6. Always remember, the biggest thing which stops you from getting done what you want to do, is the cage you create for yourself: your fears, your doubts and your compromises …. Do not let this happen! Dream big. Live big. Overcome your fears and be the master of your own destiny!

The evening then continued with a cocktail and lite food allowing the guests to „network, network, network!“

We sincerely thank John Parkhouse and Vinciane Istace from PWC for walking the walk, and Dr. Muller, Dr. Agrawal, Mrs. Haas, Mr. Hentgen and Mrs. Francis- Jennings for talking the talk.  And many thanks to the events team at PWC, Maria Bravo and Marjorie Trocano. Thanks to all for sharing your stories, dreams and your key life lessons to success!.