International Women’s day 2020

On 5th March 2020 Amcham and PWC hosted the International Women’s day forum, as in previous years we invited a diverse panel of people to come and talk to us, this years event proved exceedingly interesting thanks to our speakers, Djuna Bernard, Melanie Delannoy, Corinne Loze, Tilly Metz, Nasir Zubairi, Vinciane Istace, Paul Schonenberg, John Parkhouse and Lieven Lambrecht.
#GenderEquality is more than an issue companies need to solve; it’s a structural problem rooted in generational and cultural constructions, Both men and women need to change their mentality. This isn’t a one-gender battle.
After a very interesting discussion the floor was open to questions from the public then onto a great cocktail and walking dinner sponsored by PWC
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Photo credit Dalboyne