Managing Social Media (Entrepreneurs Committee Report)

Summary of the Entrepreneurial committee event Managing Social Media, Wednesday Nov 23, 2022 by Esther Celosse, LL.M.

Attracted by a panel of four brilliant Social Media Experts, the younger-than-average audience arrived at the Findel offices of our host ATOZ Tax Advisors, to hear stories and learn lessons from local internet personalities and influencers:

    • Amira Elbanna, (a local language teacher, TikTok influencer and YouTube vlogger),
    • Micas Carvalho of Micas Carvalho Adventures who began his career as a standup comedian in Brazil and is now actively vlogging on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (with an announced subscriber goal of 9 billion followers), and
    • Stéphane Compain, relocation specialist for expatriates and immigration

Our Moderator/Speaker, Giovanni Patri explored with the panel their experience and advice on how to use social media in a Business Environment and provided some tips, do’s and don’t’s.

Micas Carvalho Pinto, Amira Elbanna,  Stéphane Compain, and Giovanni Patri highlighted that a planned and structured approach, with regular interval posting, keeping a solid line on the main message and understanding who your audience is and when they are open to read your messages is key to successful social media management. The main takeaway was: Irrespective of the channel you use, keep it positive, don’t let negative responses get to you, remain authentic, and create value.

Among the recommendations offered by the panelists were

  • to study the work of entrepreneur & internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk,
  • to plan your publications well in advance, whether using an old-school paper notebook or an online planner;
  • to remain consistent rather than to try to post every day, and
  • to take advantage of the many free or low-cost computer and mobile applications available in order to keep startup costs down.

Conforming to the topic, some coverage was already posted (virtually live) on Instagram and LinkedIn by the participants and audience (Evgeniia Lisianskaia).





The speakers also each took the time to list their favorite, least expensive and most helpful apps for the eager crowd.

We would like to thank:
📌 AMCHAM Luxembourg and its Entrepreneurs Committee for organizing the event
📌 ATOZ Tax Advisers Luxembourg for hosting us
📌 Giovanni Patri for moderating the event