TAX Lunch Laura Foulds 14 November 2022

For quite some years, the British and American Chambers of Commerce have thought it a good idea to present personal income tax briefings supporting their international membership. At first, they held competing events. But gradually, both groups settled on wanting to put their annual tax presentations in the hands of Laura Foulds and her employees at Analie Tax & Accounting.

As this became the custom, the two chambers wisely decided to combine the audiences and make this a jointly shared event with the additional purpose of promoting cooperation and mutual sharing between the two sister Chambers of Commerce.

The two Chambers agreed to take turns alternating the committee hosting responsibilities but always partnering with Laura Foulds and her team. This has become a much-appreciated event between the two Chambers, and is always held in November to ensure the participant attendees have the time still to implement all of the presented tricks of the trade for legally minimizing their tax obligations by legally taking advantage of all of the available deductions imbedded in the Luxembourg tax code.

This year’s event was held the first Monday of November at the DoubleTree Hilton in Dommeldange, under the lead of AMCHAM, with the photos and slides published here below

You can download the slides at the following link.