An Evening of Summer Culture

On September 24th, AMCHAM in collaboration with the Art du Temps Gallery in Arlon and BMW Bilia-Emond welcomed around 130 participants to an “Evening of Summer Culture”.

In a short speech, Paul-Michael Schonenberg welcomed the opportunity to build bridges through a mixture of design and technology (BMW hybrid vehicles), business and culture. Christophe Ponette – owner of the Gallery – highlighted the exceptional quality of this exhibition showcasing American culture through two painters:  E.B. Lewis is one of the greatest contemporary American water-colorists known for his illustrations of children’s books, of which some originals of “Speaking to the Chickens” are on display; his icons symbolically painted on lottery tickets; and misty landscapes.

Laurent Dauptain takes us from Manhattan to Brooklyn in a series of streetviews.   He tells the story of a silent city, which despite the density of its population, can be solitary and left to itself and where the human presence lingers through brick buildings bordering sidewalks or parked pick-ups.