AmCham RTD Committee Learning Fest Series second session

If you suffer from procrastination and its guilt frequently; this session is a no-miss for you!

AmCham RTD Committee is proud to invite you to the second session of AmCham Learning Fest Series. In this session, we will be hosting Gül Sönmez,
an Intuitive Healer & Transformational Coach and Mindfulness Trainer.
Gül will share her valuable experience and insights on ‘How to break the cycle of procrastination for your wellbeing?’.

She is internationally renowned for her ability to channel people’s past traumas and buried memories so they can overcome anxieties, self-doubt, and stressors in order to live aligned, purposeful lives. With 15 years of experience working in big multinationals (like; P&G, Coca-Cola, Amazon), Gül has transformed her working life by learning deep healing techniques and finding alternative solutions to her own struggles. Since then, she has used her incredible gifts, to not only radically change her own life, but the lives of hundreds of others in her 1:1 program, group courses and mindfulness workshops. In her own words… “Only YOU can heal yourself by using the right modalities and putting theory into practice. When you do the inner work, the outside world shifts for better, always.” You can find more details about Gül Sönmez’s work here : https://www.purposefulvibes.com/

Session Agenda

How to break the cycle of procrastination for your wellbeing?

  • Learn how to shift your mindset and energy when you’re feeling stuck
  • Explore the power of basic mindfulness practices that you can use in your daily life
  • Learn 5 Steps on how to stop procrastination
  • Experience a live meditation to overcome your critical inner voice

Date & Hour: October 26 Thursday 18:30


Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Amazon Lux 18 office, 38 Av. John F. Kennedy, Kirchberg-Luxembourg

Number of seats available: 60


Want to know more about the topic or the guest? Until the workshop day if you want to learn more about Mindfulness and Healing, here are her most famous podcasts :