AmCham Real Estate Committee Autumn Visit & Networking event 2022

Thank you for coming to the annual AmCham Real Estate Committee & Networking event.


The Real Estate Committee Networking dinner: One of the most anticipated events for AMCHAM this year was hosted by Thierry FLIES and his colleagues at Schroeder & Associés in Kockelscheuer. The event drew close to 100 attendees. The evening was made even more pleasurable by the presence of outsiders from various professions, even though the majority of attendees worked in the real estate industry.

Our AMCHAM Chairman, Paul Schonenberg, started the evening by welcoming the guests, thanking Thierry FLIES for hosting, and applauding Mario DI STEFANO, Managing partner of DSM Avocats à la Cour, and the members of the Real Estate committee, for the excellent series of events they had put on during the year.

Mario DI STEFANO gave a presentation on the objectives and successes of the Real Estate Committee, highlighting both the construction site tour of the creative new “Rout Lëns” project, also being developed in Esch, and the tour of the BMW automotive art collection, which included over a dozen BMWs that have been privately painted by artists like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons and are each valued at over 400 million euros. After giving a quick overview of his business operations, Thierry FLIES invited the attendees to tour his facility and observe the innovation ingrained in their working environment.

Afterward, the guests engaged in networking and meeting new people with great enthusiasm while also savoring three delicious food options prepared by the skilled chefs employed by Schroeder & Associés. The accompanying event images show how much fun everyone had.