RTD committee launch

The Learning & Development profession has changed a great deal in recent years and continues to change at a pace where it is becoming difficult for local actors to keep up with the latest trends, methodologies, and technologies while managing the current challenges of our activity.


The Resources, Training and Development committee of AMCHAM (RTDCOM) on Thursday of last week, held a launch event and evoked their plans to provide a supportive ecosystem for all L&D professionals working in Luxembourg and the Greater Region within organizations that are AMCHAM Luxembourg members.


Guests working and interested in the field of Learning & Development in Luxembourg met at the ISL building in order to network and exchange about trend topics, current projects, and new approaches.


After an Introduction by Claude May, the Committee Chair of AMCHAM/s new RTDCOM, Paul Schonenberg took the microphone to discuss with the audience the vision which AMCHAM had in mind when launching this initiative over two years ago. He explained there were several themes that came together during the Covid crisis period. First, was a desire by companies to find more effective and lower costs ways to educate and train employees on many subjects of company policies as well as specific categories of technical knowledge to either augment or replace the traditional face to face training which has been the common practice in Luxembourg. Second, he commented on the growing desire of employees themselves to embrace life-long learning and take more control over their career and professional development, and their particular need for cost effective solutions which fit their busy work and life schedules. He laid out the vision for AMCHAM helping both companies and employees through a cadre of L&D professionals who researched, shared and provided digital and other solutions to democratize education and training to make high quality information available at lower costs and to do so at the time of choosing by the employee, to better serve the schedule of the employee’s professional and personal availability. He hoped among these solutions would be for AMCHAM to create a digital library of content shared by the AMCHAM members using the AMCHAM Member Benefits Card (MBC) system as the key to gain access to the shared learning content. He expressed enthusiasm for the high quality of the committee members and their passion to make a difference and called this initiative a dream come true…


Following his address, the assembled guests first heard from Jana Fiedler, L&D Manager at Encevo (and the other RTD Committee co-Chair), who presented “UProgress: Integration of an LXP e-Learning platform in SuccessFactors Learning”.


A short break for renewed networking was held, followed by a presentation on the Luxembourg Government’s newest addition to the L&D family of offerings, the Digital Learning Hub, (tailored IT education on demand) by Dr. Serge Linckels, deputy Director of the VET department and “Captaine” of the DLH and Marco d’Amico, Chief Operations Officer at DLH Digital Learning Hub Luxembourg  and a round-table Panel Discussion where panelists discussed questions submitted by the audience.


Paul Schonenberg closed the formal part of the event by congratulating the group for their interest and engagement and commented that the success of any initiative is not decided by how many people start the journey, but rather how many remain involved at all stages of the voyage. He wished the group all success and a very happy holiday season starting in the coming weeks!


The evening then turned back to very energetic Networking with generous food and drinks provided by Sodexho. AMCHAM expresses its strong appreciation to the International School (ISL) for hosting the event, to all of the speakers and to all of the attendees who participated with such energy.


Readers of this article who might be interested to know more and to participate are invited to contact the AMCHAM customer service project manager, Sonja Holper (Sonja@amcham.lu)