Responding to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, AMCHAM launched a weekly digital newsletter in the first quarter of 2020 that has proven to be quite popular and successful, reaching approximately 10,000 readers each week in the local audience, greater European region, and, indeed, globally.

These weekly Newsletter publications feature a lead interview with local government and business leaders. Additionally, we include articles of interest to our readers and their families and local businesses.

Are you looking for a sponsorship?


Having achieved a very successful publication, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to become a long-term media sponsor with us.

Our goal is to gain six long-term sponsors for our Newsletter project with no more than two partners coming from any one business sector of activities.

We ask each sponsor to commit to a three-year partnership with a sponsorship contribution of €5,000 per year, corresponding to a sponsorship cost of €416 per month.

The sponsors will be recognized for their public service contribution by presenting their logo and name on the cover of each Newsletter.  In addition, each sponsoring partner will have the opportunity to publish a minimum of two articles per year in the Newsletter with information related to their sectors of activity, which is presented not as advertisements but as useful business information provided as a service.

We believe this offer will give participating firms a strong positive promotion of their brands within the context of providing a beneficial public service and support to the AMCHAM community and our readers.

We hope you agree and join us to continue this well-received public service undertaking.

You can find the latest newsletter and any back issues you might have missed at the link below: