AMCHAM Luxembourg aims to offer its members and the wider public valuable information concerning the Grand Duchy as well as transatlantic relations through its publications.

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The official news magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the activities of AMCHAM’s committees, features interviews with decision makers in Luxembourg as well as articles on relevant economic developments in the Grand Duchy, the Greater Region and the U.S.

This handbook provides an overview to help professionals and business owners understand the rules, practices and customs of the Luxembourg business environment as well as the realities and cultural context of the workplace environment, the governmental and social support systems. This fourth edition is available as book and as USB business cards.

Articles and information of general interest, presented at events or published by affiliated organizations.

The Integration Issues booklets are cofinanced by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and OLAI as part of AMCHAM's Proactive Diversity and Integration Initiative for First- and Second-Language English-Speaking Minorities in Luxembourg.

To effectively promote Luxembourg and its various advantages for conducting business, PwC has sponsored a presentation – in collaboration with AMCHAM – to position Luxembourg as the ideal gateway to address the European market. The presentation also contains data on the economy, finance, corporate taxation, IT players, employment and labor costs. This PDF can be downloaded free of charge.

The second book published by AMCHAM is Playing Her Part: Perle Mesta in Luxembourg by the Luxembourg author Paul Lesch in celebration of the U.S. Embassy’s 50th Anniversary on November 7, 2001. The book tells the story of the first American Minister to Luxembourg after World War II (1949-1953) who was known for her unique diplomatic style.

The AMCHAM Financial Services Committee (Fincom) has provided one-pagers on the Top 10 legal/regulatory issues that are impacting the Luxembourg Financial Services industry.