On December 2nd, Minister of Finance, Pierre Gramegna was AMCHAM's guest of honor for the Annual Christmas Lunch. He presented the Luxembourg budget for the coming year.

On November 25th, our guest speaker is Professor Doctor Jorge Vasconcellos. He was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair (by the Jean Monnet Foundation Brussels), is one of the word's authorities on Peter Drucker and his books has been translated into eleven languages.

The Annual AMCHAM Thanksgiving Dinner took place at the Kikuoka Golf Club in Canach. The honourable Alice Walpole, British Ambassador and Mr. David Goldrake was our honoured guests speaker on this occasion. The evening offered great company, delicious food and live music with the famous Marco Boesen. Great tombola prices were given out at the end of the dinner.

On the 24th November, the AMCHAM New Business and Entrepreneur Committee, in cooperation with the IPIL talked about how the upcoming 1-1-1 company structure can be used to protect the intellectual property.

Moral harassment is one of the most rapidly emerging workplace complaints. In view of this point, our seminar aimed to shed some light on situations when an employer is faced with this topic, covering some keys elements i.e. the employer's liability and obligations, coupled with case law.

On October 20th, our guest speaker Mr. Pim van Ballekom, Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) talked about the Investment Plan for Europe (IPE, colloquially known as the "Juncker Plan") and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)



“New2Luxembourg” event organized by AMCHAM’s “New2Lux” Committee in the evening of 15 October 2015 at Abbaye de Neumünster.



On 5 October 2015, our guest speaker Mr. Ivaylo Piskov took us on a journey through the existing business and startup support ecosystem in Luxembourg, showing us what works and what fails short. He also introduced the “Together Strong” concept for a new Luxembourg Startup Support and Advancement Center, explaining its win-win benefits for startups and partners alike.

AMCHAM-APSI conference explores "What impact will new technologies have on society and business?"

Our guests speakers Mrs. Marielle Stevenot from MNKS and Mr. Alexandre Pirotte from FRAGOMEN talked about the regulations that have been adopted to coordinate the social security schemes of the various EU Member States and ensure adequate social protection, thereby facilitating free movements of workers across the EU.  

On July 6th 2015, our speakers Mr. René Aerts from VOLVO, Mr. Gary Cywie from Allen & Overy and Mr. German Castignani from the University of Luxembourg talked about the current and upcoming trends in autonomous driving and the existing opportunities for Luxembourg and Local business.

COMIT event with Minister Xavier Bettel

On June 18th 2015, our guest speaker was Prime Minister Mr. Xavier Bettel, in his capacity as Minister for Communications and Media, spoke about the initiatives to turn Luxembourg into a "smart" nation and provided an outlook on Luxembourg’s forthcoming EU Council Presidency.

On June 5th 2015, AMCHAM celebrated twenty years in the Grand Duchy by hosting an anniversary dinner at the Domaine Thermal in Mondorf on Friday.

On June 4th 2015, our five speakers examined the issue of Luxembourg's Nation Branding from an inward investment standpoint.

On June 1st 2015, our guest speaker was General Manager Mike LYDEN, from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency has evolved to become the NATO Premier Logistics and Procurement Services provider and has been a long standing business and industry partner with Luxembourg based companies.

On May 21th 2015, EMCC and AMCHAM Luxembourg sailed round the world with Brendan Hall, the winner of the 2010 “The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race”. Brendan talked about the challenges of turning the team of 44 people that were allocated to him by the race organisers into a cohesive, disciplined and high-performing sailing unit. After the conference, Brendan signed his book, “Team Spirit”, which focused primarily on the challenges of managing and motivating a diverse crew in a high pressure, dangerous environment. 

On May 11th 2015, Professor Earl Fry of Brigham Young University argued that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment initiative Program (TTIP) will create the biggest open market economy in the history of the world while at the same time creating more prosperity and jobs in Europe and America, lowering the costs to consumers and creating defacto global standard for consumer safety.

On May 4th 2015, Mrs. Patrizia Luchetta spoke about moving from private to public and from public to entrepreneurial independence. She argued that mobility and versatility are more than a simple element for personal growth; they are a key asset for a country’s competitiveness and economic performance. The event was jointly sponsored by The Network and MCMC.

On April 27th, the numerous participants at the 111 Company event received a detailed update of the progress made on the 111 company legislation, an insightful analysis of the economic impact and benefits that the 111 company is expected to create in Luxembourg, and a real example of how the 111 company will be immediately beneficial to a local initiative.  The formal discussion was followed by a networking cocktail.

On April 7th, for the April edition of the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg’s ABAL Luncheon, Patrice Brun, Managing Director of Great Place to Work® in Luxembourg took the stage to tell the participants about the insights of the 100 Best Companies list edited by FORTUNE Magazine on the 5th of March 2015.

Mrs. Marjorie Allo (AMMC Law) talked about the benefits of working and living in Luxembourg by exploring Luxembourg’s legal environment and by assessing both public and private initiatives aimed at improving life inside and outside of the workplace.



Our guest speaker Mrs. Aude Lemogne from Link Management addressed the following topics: Accelerated commercial recognition of young emerging artists: why do some artists rapidly succeed while others fail. Art trend cycles: new trends are emerging regularly. Early identification of trends and timing issues are essential for investors.Risk exposure varies strongly depending on the art segment, risk management needs to be adapted to the specifics of each segment.


The speakers focused on the following issues: Which activities fall within the concept of “shadow banking”? Is this type of financing also used in Luxembourg and how substantial are these activities in Luxembourg? Which are the current regulatory trends? What is the potential impact of such regulatory trends, in particular on the asset management and banking sectors? Accelerated commercial recognition of young emerging artists: why do some artists rapidly succeed while others fail?