SES new CEO Mr Karim Michel Sabbagh, Tango’s new CEO Mr Jean-François Willame and neXus new CEO Mr Peter Gille, talked about how they see the near future in terms of opportunities and threats for the Luxembourg ICT market.

At this special AMCHAM lunch with Minister Pierre Gramegna the participants had the chance to ask questions and lobby for an expat friendly environment that keeps Luxembourg strong and prosperous. AMCHAM presented this public service event in partnership with the Dutch Trade Forum, Luxembourg-Poland Business Club and Irish Chamber of Commerce.

The Annual AMCHAM Thanksgiving Dinner  took place at the Kikuoka Golf Club in Canach. Minister Etienne Schneider was our honored guest speaker on this occasion. The evening offered great company, delicious food, live music with Madalina Dorneanu and great ambiance with the famous Dj Dominique. Great tombola prices were given out at the end of the dinner.

The aim of this seminar is to eliminate those confusions and wrong assumptions by helping you better understand the approach of the Luxembourg labour courts in the dismissal procedure. The experienced speakers illustrate in their presentation numerous examples and practical tips.

What do the Luxembourg politicians really think of the foreign community? Are we tolerated or appreciated? What do the Luxembourg political parties think about all the issues of importance to Expats: the right to vote in the Luxembourg national elections, improving English language educational resources for our children, balancing the national budget, increasing the access of expats to civil service jobs, equalizing the subsidies and access to state facilities for Expat clubs and organizations, joining TTIP.

This event is cofinanced by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration (OLAI).

"One Size Does Not Fit All" - The Challenge of Educating for a Rapidly Changing World.
We look at the numerous forces at work in our changing world and the challenges we face in dealing with them.
We look at what may be required in order to loosen the shackles of tradition.
We take a glimpse into the future and endeavour to prepare our young (and not so young) people to thrive there.

The Amcham New Business and Entrepreneurship Committee invites you to learn from and be inspired by successful female entrepreneurs. What does it take? A diverse group of panelists will share their  experiences, advice and  lessons learned from their  entrepreneurial journeys. Additionally, they will opine on the Luxembourg new business scene, sources for support and what the community can do to assist start ups and enterprising initiatives.

Photos: Laurent Weber

There was a short welcome by Mr.Michel Lanners and Mrs Louise Crosby from Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse.

Various school presentations will follow by Mr. Chris Bowman, ISL; Mrs. Toula Vassilacou, European School; Mr. Chris Chapman, Lycée Michel Lucius; and Mr. Carlo Klein, Athenée; discussing their specific educational philosophy/offerings and their assessment of the challenges.

This event is cofinanced by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration (OLAI).

Now a counter-movement is gaining momentum in Washington to repeal FATCA. Senator Mike Lee will be updating attendees on the strategy for success of these anti-FATCA reforms and repealing FATCA as the ultimate objective.

Photos: Laurent Weber

AMCHAM-APSI conference explores the latest trends in disruptive technologies.

AMCHAM recently hosted a summer BBQ at Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club for families. A special tombola followed the BBQ.
Photos: Jean Batal

This luncheon, in partnership with the Bangladesh Business Chamber of Commerce, focused on the case of Bangladesh, with guest of honor Ambassador of Bangladesh Ismat Jahan.
Photos: Benjamin Champenois, Delano

Speakers from ADEM, the Luxembourgish Employment Agency, including Isabelle Schlesser, Laurent Peusch and Guy Putz, discussed what is available for individuals and companies. The event was moderated by Pedro Castilho. This event is cofinanced by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration (OLAI).
Photos: Stephen Roberts

How much tax does a person or company pay in Luxembourg, and how does this compare to the countries in the rest of Europe? Karl Horsburgh talked about the 2014 tax survey and compared various countries in Europe.
Photos: Laurent Weber

This event focused on the rights & responsibilities of the newly established staff delegations: how to ensure an efficient social doalogue in the best interest of the company. With speaker Pierre Lorang, ITM, and moderator Guy Castegnaro, CASTEGNARO.
Photos: Laurent Weber

AMCHAM's Financial Services Committee recently organized an event at the U.S. Embassy, in the presence of U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Robert A. Mandell, with Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna as the guest of honor.
Photos: Stephen Roberts

With Patrice Brun, Managing Director, Great Place to Work Institute, Luxembourg
Photos: Stephen Roberts

This event, held in partnership with Delano Magazine and the European Parliament Information Office in Luxembourg, allowed political parties to voice their opinions on a number of issues. The following six candidates attended the event: Gina Arvai (Déi Gréng), Sven Clement (Piratepartie), Marc Angel (LSAP), Claude Radoux (DP), Roy Reding (ADR) and Fabienne Lentz (Déi Lénk).
Photos: Robert Prendergast

With guest speakers: H.E. Alice Walpole, British Ambassador to Luxembourg; H.E. Robert A. Mandell, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg; Paul Schonenberg, AMCHAM; Mr. Alfred Steinherr, Sacred Heart University.
Photos: Laurent Weber

April ABAL

08 April 2014

"What Every Director Needs to Know" with Marie-Jeanne Chèvremont
Photos: Stephen Roberts

With Richard Brandt, Director of Iacocca Institute's Global Village at Lehigh University, who talked about disruptive leaders, citing examples of Fortune magazine's businessman of the year, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs.
Photos: Laurent Weber

The 111 Company

04 February 2014

One man, one day, one euro! What if you could create a company on your own, within one day, with one single euro?
Photos: Stephen Roberts

February ABAL

03 February 2014

Guest speaker, Brandi Karlstedt of CoachDynamix, talked about "living your legacy".
Photos: Stephen Roberts

Big Data

30 January 2014

This event focused on the challenges, trends and opportunities related to big data and included a live demo, with guest speakers Dr. Eng. Benoit Otjacques, Gabriel Lippmann; Dr. Younis Hijazis, Luxinnovation; Jean-Pierre Maissin, Deloitte; Xavier Verhaeghe, Oracle; and Dieter Deramoudt, Oracle.
Photos: Laurent Weber

New Year's Welcome 2014

16 January 2014

AMCHAM held an exclusive event with guest of honor, Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider, at the U.S. Embassy.  
Photos: Laurent Weber