Minister Nicholas Schmit focused on "The Highly Qualified: Attracting Talents to Luxembourg"
Photos: Robert Prendergast

December ABAL

05 December 2011

David Micallef, Managing Director, Bank of New York, spoke about "“HR 2012: Challenges for Human Resources in a Changing World."
Photos: Geoff Thompson


24 November 2011

AMCHAM's IT Committee hosted an event about coming to grips with today's growing cybersecurity threats. With speakers Vincent Villers, PwC Luxembourg; Bertrand Lathoud, Paypal; Pascal Steichen, Smile GIE; & David Hagen, CSSF. Photos: AMCHAM

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

22 November 2011

On November 22, 2011, AMCHAM members and friends celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with special speakers U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Robert A. Mandell, and guest of honor Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker. A tombola followed.
Photos: Robert Prendergast

Does Luxembourg as a financial center have what it takes to be a European leader in philanthropy? This event welcomed Jean Brucher, Philanthropy Workgroup Chairman; Hugo Mahieu, Mangrove Foundation; Guy Weber, RTL; Jean-Jacques Rommes, ABBL; Anne Contreras, Arendt & Medernach; Tonika Hirdman, Fondation de Luxembourg; and Jane Wilkinson, KPMG Luxembourg Foundation.
Photos: Geoff Thompson

November ABAL

07 November 2011

Andreas Przewloka, CEO of UBS, spoke about the "Paradigm Shift in Wealth Management".
Photos: Steve Eastwood

Minister Luc Frieden discussed "Luxembourg's Future in the European Monetary Union" during the AMCHAM event on October 27.
Photos: Robert Prendergast

Class Actions

25 October 2011

The "Class Actions – A Purely U.S. Phenomenon?" event was held on October 25 and presented by AMCHAM’s Finance Committee with the support of ALFI.   Photos: Geoff Thompson

The Greening of HR

12 October 2011

This event focused on the sustainable initiatives companies are using in their HR practices.
Photos: Geeta Rajaraman

Nearly 140 attendees gathered for an exclusive evening with Minister Krecké.

Photos: Robert Prendergast

October ABAL

03 October 2011

At the October ABAL, Romain Siebenaler of Cisco spoke about ICT's role in enhancing productivity and efficiency.
Photos: Geoff Thompson

The Next ICT Reality

29 September 2011

A panel discussion which focused on upcoming ICT trends in the B2C world.
Photos: Geeta Rajaraman

Expat Voting Issues Part II

28 September 2011

AMCHAM and various international organizations organized a second "Town Hall Meeting" for expat voters. Speakers at the event included Marc Angel (LSAP), Lydie Polfer (DP), Sam Tanson (Greens), and Diane Adehm (CSV).
Photos: Robert Prendergast

Tax Update Seminar

22 September 2011

The objective of this seminar was to inform the AMCHAM community on the new U.S. tax developments as well as provide an update on the tax developments in Luxembourg. 
Photos: Geeta Rajaraman

AMCHAM celebrated its 15th year anniversary at the Kikuoka Club with a night of dinner and dancing.
Photos: Robert Prendergast

Expat Voting Issues

09 June 2011

This event took place within the framework of the "I can vote" campaign with the support of the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency and various international chambers.
Photos: Robert Prendergast


06 June 2011

Guest speaker, Tom Seale, CEO of European Fund Administration, shared business insights gained from his experience in olive oil production.

Minister Biltgen focused on the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Luxembourg
Photos: Robert Prendergast


02 May 2011

H.E. Chinese Ambassador Xianqi Zeng spoke about China's role in the world today and tomorrow.
Photos: Geoff Thompson

Luxembourg 2015 Pt. II

07 April 2011

Several key challenges were identified which may impact Luxembourg's competitiveness in 2015, including transportation, education, development and more.
Photos: Geeta Rajaraman

April ABAL

04 April 2011

Jean-Claude Knebeler of the Ministry of the Economy & Foreign Trade discussed "Challenges and Solutions for Promoting Luxembourg and Trade."
Photos: Geoff Thompson


23 March 2011

At this joint TaxCom and FinCom event, experts highlighted the implications of FATCA on the banking sector.
Photos: Geoff Thompson

Ms. Reding discussed efforts to improve the gender equality at the EU level.

Participants learned about cloud computing within the context of financial centers.

Remuneration policy changes and new tax regime implications in Luxembourg were discussed.

Mr. Claude Briade of Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg discussed "Top Tips for Building Brand Buzz."

New Year s Welcome Event

25 January 2011

An invitation-only event at Galerie Clairefontaine to toast the new year.
Photos: Geeta Rajaraman