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Charter Membership

Charter members constitute a special privileged business group. They are recognized as the Luxembourg-American business community leaders (whatever their effective size or presence within the Greater Luxembourg Region) who are dedicated to making a substantial commitment to the interests and welfare of this business community. Charter members receive special recognition (a directorship on the Board of Directors of AMCHAM, the company name displayed in AMCHAM’s media forms and at special events, etc.) and benefit from proprietary information as well as access to exclusive events, briefings and meetings with prominent representatives of American, European and international bodies and institutions. Charter members are posted on the AMCHAM website and receive complementary copies of the AMCHAM magazine.

An annual membership fee of EUR 2,500 is required for the first three years, marking the firm’s extensive commitment to community service and support. Dues are EUR 1,000 per annum thereafter.

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Corporate Membership

Corporate members are the backbone of the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg. They are recognized as significant and active participants in the Luxembourg-American business community. Corporate members benefit from the support and promotion activities of AMCHAM and can participate in the Special Purpose Committees that engage in advocacy on issues that may affect the specific business and social environment of the company. The members are posted on the AMCHAM Web site and receive complimentary copies of the AMCHAM magazine.

Annual fees amount to EUR 800.

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Small Business Membership

Small Business/Individual members have the same basic rights and obligations as the Corporate members. The Small Business/Individual members are startups, small independent businesses, or small business concerns that are not in a position to leverage the support and resources of larger companies. The purpose of AMCHAM is to provide advice and support to the Small Business member on partnership and trade and investment issues, and to engage the firm in Chamber activities that may benefit the Small Business member. Generally Small Businesses grow into full Corporate membership as their business activities expand over time.

Annual fees amount to EUR 400.

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Entrepreneurial Micro-company Membership

Companies with 3 employees or fewer which have been in existence for less than 5 years, are stand-alone organizations and not subsidiaries of larger entities. Application requires proof of existence via the published Memorial announcement. This type of membership is offered by AMCHAM to encourage entrepreneurship and to help/support all such companies during the first 5 years after creation has been in the Luxembourg Memorial. Micro-companies enjoy all the rights and benefits of AMCHAM membership except the right to vote:

  • Free entry to all AMCHAM events (except for ABAL lunches) for all employees;
  • Name recognition in AMCHAM’s Connexion magazine as a new member (one time only).

Annual fees amount to EUR 100.

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Senior Membership

Senior Members include any individual who is an individual who is at least 60 years of age and is not engaged in full-time employment.

Annual fees amount to 100 EUR for each senior.

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Academic Membership

Student Members include any individual who is a student actively enrolled in an academic institution

Annual fees amount to 100 EUR for each student.

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