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January ABAL luncheon: "Strangers"

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Théâtre National du Luxembourg (194, rte de Longwy, Luxembourg - Merl)
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32.00 €
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52.00 €
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AMCHAM Luxembourg partners with The Circle Theater Of New York and the Théâtre National du Luxembourg for an ABAL luncheon that showcases the new play, Strangers. After the buffet lunch actors from the stage production will perform sections of the play in the adjacent theatre room. This event is a first effort on our part to offer something different and culturally/socially interesting at the start of the year. Please join us!

The play: Strangers explores the themes of connection, choice and mortality as they relate to modern threats of climate change, surveillance, the spread of disease and the fears of a rapidly shifting world. Warnings from the past become a guide for how to approach the future – and patterns through time are revealed.This promises to be exciting!

We invite you to join us on 22 January for a lunch preview of the play. The 32 EUR fee includes the price of the lunch and a ticket to the play which opens on January 27th, 2018 at 8pm. Further shows: 30/01, 01/02, 02/02 at 8pm and 4/02 at 5pm. Additional tickets can be purchased at the lunch.

SUMMARY of the play "Strangers"
In the near future, a fugitive arrives on an uninhabited island with an unusual, almost paradoxical geography. Little is known about the island: its structures are abandoned and in disrepair, it bears the marks of a hasty evacuation, and recent visitors are rumored to have suffered the affects of a strange and acute form of an unknown disease.

After a few days, he is surprised to see others on the island: jovial strangers at a party whose behavior makes little sense. While spying on them, he becomes attached first to a young woman, and then to other members of the party. Motivated by a desire for connection, he attempts to earn their trust, but they ignore him – as though he is invisible.

One night, the inventor gathers everyone together. He asks, “What if I told you that all your words and actions were being recorded?” The inventor tells his guests that his new machine will capture their very essence, creating images of themselves which can be re-played on the island for all time. This makes clear what the fugitive has found: a private universe, repeating itself endlessly. The mystery deepens as suspicious guests investigate their host’s inventions. Are there flaws in his method, and can his creations truly be called life? Perhaps he has succeeded in re-creating human consciousness and perhaps he has unlocked the secret to immortality, but at what price?

Meanwhile, the fugitive faces a choice. While increasingly erratic tides cause the island to break apart, he grows sicker by the day, he cannot sleep, and his own memory begins to deteriorate. Does he flee the island for an uncertain future, or does he remain in an attempt to connect with the images of the strangers.

PLAY WRITTEN by: Sloan Bradford & Isaac Bush
DIRECTED by: Anne Simon
MUSIC COMPOSITION by: Anthime Miller
WITH Isaac Bush, Sloan Bradford, Elisabet Johannesdottir, Arash Marandi, Stefani Mavrokordatou