Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee was launched in 2012 because we think there is an opportunity to share marketing best practices and new marketing trends. The goal of the Marketing Committee is to help Luxembourg-based enterprises expand their horizons and position themselves in order to make more profit and achieve greater success. We are convinced this is achievable by getting their marketing right, both here in Luxembourg and globally.

We will try through the Marketing Committee to help our members and friends get a better understanding about social media, mobile platforms, generation Y and other marketing trends. The Marketing Committee sorts this all for you by organizing useful seminars about trending topics in Marketing in order to collectively further our expertise in the full range of cost-effective current and future cutting-edge marketing strategies and tactics.

We will do our very best to help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Melanie Delannoy, GovSat

Committee Members:

Troy Bankhead, Techcyte
Christian Carbonne, Luxair Group
Cédric Delahaye, Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen
Natalia Durus, AMCHAM
Laurent Graas, lola
Renaud Oury, SGG
Paul - Michael Schonenberg, AMCHAM
Hélène Thouvenin, PwC Luxembourg
Miruna Taralunga, Market QI
Marie - Hélène Trouillez, Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Geoff Thompson, The Luxembourg Chronicle
Gregory Tugendhat, Goeres Group
Holly Whatling, Intertrust